Vivokey Spark for Novice


Hello everyone, two days ago I implanted the vivokey spark, for now I still have a swollen hand and do not read it well. The problem is that I do not understand well the operation of this implant, since it is different from the rest of nfc implants.
We start in that we have two app Vivokey and Vivokey Authenticator:
Vivokey: apparently it is only to create a profile that can be public or private, it has a QR reader that does not stop to serve
Vivokey Authenticator: at first I thought it was like the Google Authenticator that is to say that it serves to activate the security of 2 points, for example in this forum, that possibility fits, well I have activated a QR I have read it with Vivokey Authenticator and when I give Safe it says “tap your vivokey” if I pass it because my vivokey spark does not do anything, (only a web with my viviokey profile opens) then it does not let me save authentication in any way.

So I want to test if with NFC Tools Pro I can do something and it does not stop,
My questions are:
1- The Vivokey app only works for the profile?
2- How does the Vivokey Authenticator app work?
3- How can more things be done with the Vivokey Spark? (I have ideas of things I want to do but I do not know how)
4- I understand that if more things can be done … Are they from the Computer or from the Smartphone?
5- If they are from the computer what type of reader and software do I need? (I have a pro macbook)

Excuse me, for my English, and for my doubts. I hope you can help me!


The Vivokey Authenticator is not meant for the spark. it’s meant for the Vivokey Flex.

You cannot write NDEF records to the Spark. It’s locked down.

The spark is limited in it’s current form. Work is still being done on the software side.

Read this thread, it has more info.


So I can not do anything, just wait


You can change the URL redirection in the VivoKey platform and register the NFC ID on access control systems.


I’m doing tests with different smartphones for reading the Spark:
Huawei P9 Lite: read it quickly, instantly
Samsung s8: it’s hard to read, it takes a long time to read it
Huawei P20 lite: it is difficult to read it enough, although it is faster than the Samsung s8

How are your readings?


I am finding there is a bug in the Android NFC library that is triggered with certain phones. It has to do with reading ISO15693 tags like the Spark. On my pixel 2 I get all kinds of problems just getting a full memory read of any ISO15693 chip using TagInfo. I submitted a bug report through a friend in Google and the guys were looking at it… confirmed there is something odd going on… but haven’t heard back.

Alternative places for the Spark

I can read the chip easy with TagInfo, but reading it with the App is difficult - the most times it flashes “red” what does this mean.


Can you reliably get a full memory scan each time with TagInfo? Getting it to register is not the issue, the issue we’ve seen is that the tag will begin to read, and then the process is aborted. This is a problem with Android, not with the chip itself or even the coupling.

What phone do you have?

This means that during the attempt to cryptographically verify the chip’s authenticity, something broke and the attempt did not succeed. This happens as well on my Pixel 2. Very irritating.


Samsung Galaxy S8+
I never have problems with my other chips. It needs only a bit longer to read the xIC.

I was able to make the profile, I hope it works.

I can also see the Spark a bit - it makes a little bump unter the skin :slight_smile:


It also happens to me when I try to read with the Vivokey application the red light sometimes comes out. My smartphone is Samsung S8