Waited over a week

Yeah fair call, I re-read it after I posted it and thought that also a possibility.

Or it just showed up, since it’s been over a week, which is unusual, with the tracking info in junk email.

It’s sounds like he is mighty keen to have the implant, so maybe a self or assisted install.


Oh hey me too =) feel free to hit me up sometime


Sad to hear about your situation.

I ordered one bound somewhere to asia and they used DHL.

It is somewhere in china now and way ahead of schedule.

I also had a few days of delayed shipping due to one of their staff’s personal affairs; she has regretfully apologized and without me initatiating, have refunded my shipping fee as a sign of goodwill for the delayed pickup due to her “being in a situation beyond her control” ​resulting to a few days delay on their part.

I must say, with such gesture i am looking forward to getting 5 more implants from them at the wake of my first installation. Quite a good team Amal has assembled out there

Looking forward to hearing from you soon when you get to have your package

Update: glad to know you got yours :grin:


Yup next is for a xsiid led blue with promarx accessory value psck

Because Michelle is fucken amazing, that’s why.
The best customer service person I have ever dealt with…EVER

you’re the best-est

Amal, you’re not bad either :wink:


Michelle is amazing!


Yeah was hesistant to mention her for privacy but didnt know everyone knows her anyway. Hahaha michelle is the best


Awesome of you. :+1:

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Since this was a long forum topic heh I’d like to apologize about the week delay. And enserbing it was easy peez. I just started really examining the capabilities. And got it all figured out in an evening. Just need help with the I’d and secrets in advanced what are they for? I’m sure if I get a lock or whatever life escape there is I just copy the I’d url into the lock or life escape if you will program or reading capabilities i should have access for whatever I set it up too…

And also who thinks a next next to a vivo key would do?

I am able…

I’m not quite sure what you are asking with regards to the secrets.
The ID as you eluded to, you could potentially enroll into a compatiable security system or lock etc.

A NExT next to a Vivokey would likely cause you issues, as they both have High Frequency Chips/antennas.
ie. As you tried to read one, you could easily but accidentally read the other…

Pretty sure this is about advanced>custom application.
It’s really not clear… basically you don’t have to care about this if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s for things like https://github.com/VivoKey/plugin-wordpress when you need to make your own website with “Log in with VivoKey”

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Can u let me 3know when my next implant will be here order number 30068 ty

Have you checked your email?

Check your email, I just ordered an implant and the emails went to spam? So check your spam mail too. It’ll have a tracking number.

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You should receive an email with a tracking number in a few days following the purchase.

Yeah I sure did I don’t would the sku number be it? And if so under what search engine do I use thanks guys nothing but love…

I believe you’re outside the US, so you should receive an email from DHL. If you Google DHL tracking, you should find a link to copy and paste the tracking number.

Naw I’m not out of the us I’m still waiting on the tracking number. It’s going in my right hand not that right hand my other right hand. Yeah that’s the right hand I’m getting it in heh. Then another blinky in the forehead since my other one ran out then I’m going to get ink sleeves then get blinkys thru out the work.