Walletmor close to Magnet

Hello Guys,

My Girlfriend got a magnet implant at the knife edge of her left hand. Now she is planing to get a Walletmor at position 4 according to the Implantsutra. Would this be a good idea or should she get her walletmor at position 3?

In short, I don’t think it will matter, but you could always do a little test.

If she’s still to try, she could tape the walletmor in position (ideally, still in the vial/baggie), and try to read it in both positions and see if there is an effect.

These may also be of interest, but neither directly answer you question.
XSeries and flex implants, not the pcb style like the Walletmor, but, I think the answer will be the same as the copper Flexes

There won’t be any affect, you’re fine