Walletmor - some questions


Do you happen to know What are the rough dimensions of the walletmor are? There isn’t any info on the site?

Is it possible to use the needle method like the xm1 or just the traditional way?

Pretty sure they are going to be the NEW Flex Format
7.5mm x 28mm straight, not wedge.
New antenna design. installed with a 4g needle.

More info:

Thanks, hadn’t seen that yet.

Now to decide where to put it xD


Left side of the forearm (I gave my flexpay there) or on the top if your hand (my flexSIID) is there.


I’m thinking top of right hand as most of the contactless are on-top or the left side.
Flexsiid I’m jelly.

I have my payment conversion there, it is very convenient.
I got mine put in position # 4.5 (between #4 and #5)
My thought process was that it would protrude and make payments even easier, I was correct :white_check_mark: , it is indeed very easy.


Because it protrudes rather than sitting in the natural hollow, I bang it and catch it A LOT. :x:
When it expires in 3 years, I will take it out and put something else in Position 5 or 3, because by then I should have an Apex Flex in and hopefully it will also have payment.

Learn from my mistake experiment, if you go for the top of your hand, put it in a hollow.



I received an email saying that the system is valid for 5 years? has something changed?

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Thats the v2 right? That was the email I got.

V2? Tell me more, I am not on the mailing list :slight_smile:

Ouh damn, 5yrs is serious!

Yes they should be copy pasted here regulary!

Join there mailing list then :sweat_smile:

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Nah thanks

When is this coming? :stuck_out_tongue:

Because 5 years, I would seriously consider.

@amal or @wojtek any more information about what / how you’ve managed this (mainly the 5yr expiry part)? Also this makes me :cry: about not being in the EU. How is it more convenient to use when making transactions?

wait… was the V1 with the “old” wedge antenna?!



Can I still get a V1 instead? :sweat_smile:

Amal makes them, I’m sure you could ask.

Why do you want a larger one with the same performance as the smaller one?

“Bigger is not always better”

Thats what I tell my Mrs anyway! :wink: