Walletmor - some questions

No. My needle came in a same box as the walletmor implant itself and was in a clear plastic tube without any markings. We decided to autoclave it anyway just in case. I only realised it was not sterile after googling the needle and it only comes up in the dangerous things store and not on the walletmor page nor in the booklet on installation pages.


I never got a shipping update or anything and still haven’t received mine. Ordered in February. Mine should have been in this last US batch I’m concerned if others already got theirs 2 weeks ago. Haven’t gotten any response to my latest inquiry, did these not have tracking info?

Did these come in a box or some type of envelope? USPS? Afraid at this point mine may be lost.

That will.be the best place to ask, but let’s drop a @wojtek here and hope he sees it and can answer you

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Well. My Walletmor finally come today. I am - to put it lightly - extremely pissed off to see after scanning the chip that it’s going to expires 07/23.

And before you try to tell me that it shows that right on the website, I ordered mine in February - here’s a archive.org snapshot from April 19th:

All it said at the time was 3 years. I thought I might get 30 months out of it after lead time for conversion and shipping and now it’s here and I don’t even have half of that. Sometime in the last month that information was added, but it was not there when I decided to order.

I inquired with @wojtek several times about the status of my order and my concern about months being shaved off the already short lifetime of the implant. Knowing that was a concern of mine, I’m pretty disappointed that I wasn’t even given a heads up that it was already halfway to expiration when I placed the order.

Honestly not even sure it’s worth installing at this point, I wouldn’t have ordered it if that expiration would have been made known at the time.

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If its from the US batch of walletmors, iirc they are using converted purewrist chips, which ive come to understand will have shortened expiration dates than advertised. Happened to me when i ordered one of their wristbands as well.

Im thinking that whenever purewrist ordered a batch of chips, they all have the set expirations they advertise, but then they will want to sell off as many as possible before they order a new batch with updated expirations…

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My original pure wrist was very close to full life
My original got lost, so I had to get a replacement…
The replacement had a chunk of the life already gone

Coincidence or not, I think my expiration date is the same

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that someone is out there trying to make things work and make things that we want, but some of the way things are being handled and the transparency are not so good.

You’d be hard pressed to find me complaining unprompted about anything I’ve ever purchased anywhere at all for any reason, I rarely even return things that don’t physically fit me, so this type of feeling for me is uhhh, unusual. I guess I set my expectations too high.


Yeah I knew it wasn’t going to be a full 36 months in any case, but I certainly didn’t think it would be as low as 13.

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By the way, in case anybody is interested, I recommend MX EMV Card Reader to check your Walletmor’s expiry date:

It’s the only app I found that actually works, doesn’t bombard you with ads or nags you to pay for a pro version, doesn’t ask suspiciously unrelated permissions (it just wants to control NFC, which seems normal enough), doesn’t contain trackers, is small enough to be consistent with the scope of what it does, doesn’t seem to call any mothership with your CC details, and of course doesn’t ask your CVV or PIN number.


I just use my flipper :sweat_smile::sunglasses:

Great app to get this information. Thanks!
My Walletmor (for EU) expires in May 2029 so 7 years of lifetime.

Whose cellphone did you think I stole the screenshot from? :slight_smile:

Someone I know, I guess, but who? :thinking:

Confusing. Because as of the website it has a runtime of 9 years.

Excellent app, thanks for the recommendation

Hey guys,
I’m maybe in the wrong section of this forum, but I’ll ask anyway. Does anyone know someone who is installing the Walletmor in Alabama(Birmingham area) or Georgia(Atlanta area)? I would love to get one but I don’t know who can install it correctly. I’ve got the NExT and the VivoKey which I’ve implanted myself, but this Walletmor is a different animal. I know I could use the 5mm needle, but I also know I could do some serious damage to my hand.
Please anyone can help me out here.

I can try, @NoUsersLefft lives “close” in West Tenesse so he may have some “local” knowledge.

We haven’t seen @ikea for a while, but as you can see from his quote, he may have a suggestion for you.

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thanks for the quick answer. You guys are right I tried it once in Orlando and even found a place where the guy was willing to install a normal “glass” implant. Unfortunately, my plans have changed and I never had a chance to actually meet him. I’ll try to get a hold of @NoUsersLefft or @ikea.
This kind of stuff like implants or any kind of upgrading your body with technology is way too advanced for the folks here in Alabama. About 80% of them are deeply convinced that this is something the devil put in this world because it’s not in their Bible. I tried multiple plastic surgeons and all of them wouldn’t do it because it’s “unnatural” one even offered to include me in his prayers and promised to help me if I just would come to his church.
These sorry bastards probably still burning people somewhere in the woods.

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@Fade0 any update about your walletmor lifetime?