Walletmor - some questions

There is no battery in a walletmor, it is powered wirelessly via inductive coupling :slight_smile:


The “chip” will work for years and years,
The banking information that allows it to be used for payments will expire and stop working… the exact same as the chip in your banking card… the chip still works after the expiration date… the bank just won’t accept it anymore

But unfortunately you can’t rewrite the chip, because of security reasons and stuff… so when it expires it doesn’t do you much good…

You could potentially use it as an access credential, but you need to be able to enroll new ids into
That system and it needs to be the same type…
Not a super big use case

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Oh I see, big thanks! So basically, its a banking question, lets hope they will find out something for this, as I assume, it would not be that complicated.

Hi everyone,
I have another question.
Was anyone here also in the most recent walletmor batch and after getting info that implant has been shipped contact with @wojtek dropped completely?
It’s been a week at this point and no parcel, no contact, no nothing…

I had the same.

Got a mail that it was shipped but no change in the order page saying it was on the way. I didn’t contact them though.

It arrived at my home some days ago without problems.

Cheers. Well, looks like the only thing I can do is keep checking my mailbox every 15 minutes until it arrives :joy:

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Did it arrive? :slight_smile:

I am always there, just travelling the last few days.

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btw, one question to anyone who has it when it comes to chip placement. Does anyone have it in the space between pointing finger and thumb? or would forearm be better? Edge of the hand is out due to gym.

I can’t say if anyone has in position zero (space between finger and thumb)
But In general, you don’t want a flex implant to bend a lot, and there’s nothing rally there to support it

Along the top of your ring or pinky metacarpal seems to be to goto ( where mine is)

Be mindful of install location as the warranty will only cover approved locations


Oh, so unlike DT, Walletmor has approved locations for flex implant? Do you mind sharing? I’m still trying to decide where to put my flexClass.

Actually… it might be the other way around

DT for sure has changed their flex warranty policy, due to installs in bad locations and bad install practices…
I forgot that walletmor is technically a different company

But the advice remains the same

Ok, so you are talking about “locations” as in Installers.

I thought you meant locations like location on body.

If that’s the case then yes, I’m aware of DT new updated warranties, and I’m sure Walletmor has similar ones

I was, but re reading the new policy, I don’t see implant locations… I thought there was talk of this, since knife edge wasn’t recommended anymore

It would make sense that if you implant in a location not recommended, it’s on you if it fails

Either way… I would STILL recommend giving it some thought and choosing an install location that is suitable for a flex…

Just got mine installed in the same spot as you. Installer also recommended it so went with it. Thanks for the recommendation:)


Nice, congrats on the implant! :slight_smile: I just wanted to recommend you this position (I can’t find the page where all positions are showed, but it’s position 4 if I’m not mistaken), but you were faster :smiley:

It should be okey location, see this Knife edge installations of flex implants . I’ve implanted FlexDF2 in this location last week and I’m planning on putting the Walletmor in the other hand on the same spot. No issues whatsoever in that week, and I expect none in the future as well :slight_smile:

offtopic: cc @amal I think the link generator is broken somehow, at least for me the “flex” “df2” link points to https://forum.dangerousthings.com/%20https://dangerousthings.com/product/flexdf2/

thx! fixed … FlexDF2 … maybe? hah hmm… there… should be now.


@amal @wojtek one thing I think is worth mentioning somewhere in the walletmor handbook is that the application needle is not sterile. I only came to this conclusion after googling it a few times and arguing with my piercer.

I had a quick look around on the Walletmor site, and nothing needle related jumped out at me.

It may well have been a conscious decision on wojtek’s part, for fear of scaring people away with a “giant fucken needle” :man_shrugging:

If you got yours from a piercer, or sent direct to a piercer you may not have seen the sticky label.

On my custom needles, the test tubes all had bright fluorescent stickers “this needle is not sterile” although mine were not for Walletmor specifically, and their packaging may be different.

Also, when you buy the needle individually, there are a couple of reminders:

Obviously, different from your situation, but at least there are some warnings in place…

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