Westpac disabling paywear cards


Who has a westpac installed? Does this breach any promise?
I really wanna see something like this in the court, maybe they finally allow payment implants then.

Me, and maybe, I’ll look through what they’ve said in the past

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Boo :-1:

But Good timing for your fidesmo progress

That was one of 2 options for my replacement when my current one expires.

I’ll have to some investigating to see if Wespac NZ is following suit.

The CoM repeater should be done soon so that’s an option too

No, they have good lawyers

They said this in an email:

but then

Westpac PayWear Terms and Conditions.

Westpac Debit Mastercard Terms & Conditions for personal customers

pg 5

pg 22

pg 23

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I only just saw this message from 1 month ago

That’s not the best news.
I guess mine will be coming out soon also.
Well, now I have no reason to not contact them about payment implant options.

Oh well, first world problems, I guess I’ll go back to paying like a neanderthal again

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Could you get another contactless payment tag from another bank and have it converted? Not cheap or nice to have to get reopened for no good reason, but it might be an option.

Come to think of it, your mishap makes me think that’s one good reason why fintech doesn’t want anything to do with payment implants: with cards, if an actor wants to discontinue the service, it’s annoying to the customer but that’s pretty much it.

With implants, it kind of amounts to bodily harm all of the sudden. At least that’s how the implantee can live it. So the implant’s issuer would have to guarantee the service for years or decades. I can see why nobody wants to step into that particular minefield or commit to providing a service for decades.


I was on my way to work yesterday when I got the disabling email, ruined my day lmao

It looks like NZ weatpac still has paytags available, but need to make some enquiries as to the expected longevity of their existence.

I have planted the seed with Amal, so we shall see.
Out with the old and in with the new.

I was hoping to get my Crypto Credit card converted because the benefits are much better, but my crypto wallet took a big hit, so I’m going to wait on that one for now

Maybe they too forgot where NZ was. Best not to remind them.

Dude… I don’t wanna know!

Get out of the Ponzi scheme before it’s too late :slight_smile:

Good call

Haha, is that not a common phrase?

It’s done me alright up until recently

I won’t touch NFTs though (Although I have a couple) NFTs should even exist

I’m just sayin’, when you play with get-rich-quick schemes, you gotta prepared to pull out before all the other suckers.

You mean with these stupid magic tappy card things? Noooooo!

Buy the dip lol.

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Speak to Terra/LUNA owners :rofl: some are still buying.

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Weird, you’d think that they’d want to sell the company rather than just shut it down completely. There’s already an installed (literally) user base…

I made a lot of money when LUNA was crashing. It was -20% +20% in a matter of minutes at one point. I would buy in, take 5% profits, then sell, and buy back in when the price dropped enough. Instead of this happening over a period of days or even weeks, it was minutes, sometimes seconds.