What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

Great post to mark the 1000th post in this thread



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Designed a couple things last night in a whim

And 8 color

Also printing a… larger version… I might release my files if it works


Also beginning a project that I think is pleasing because it shows my skill progression

Have a multi meter I was issued years ago at school, decent unit… but I lost the battery cover and this is one of those unfortunate units where the cover keeps the batteries stable… no cover and the batteries dislocate and lose contact… lots of fiddling to get it to stay working when you need it

I’m sure I could buy another decent unit for a fair price… but it seems so utterly wasteful to chuck something fully functional because of a 3 cent piece of plastic

Hoped someone had a design, but no joy… not a popular enough model…
3-4 years ago I couldn’t even imagine how to design something like this

And now, I feel like I’m designing it in my sleep and getting waaay more nitpicky and going out of my way to make it more accurate than I need for it to simply function… I want it to look good


In the case of a multimeter, the battery cover is important for safety. Those are not isolated from the input terminals.

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Like the probes connect all the way back to the batteries? That seems questionable and confusing

Not directly, but those are not completely disconnected either. So you don’t want to be touching the batteries while probing something, it could give you a shocking surprise…

It’s not questionable, it’s just that multimeters are not designed to be operated with the battery cover removed.

Some portable scopes have built-in multimeters that are isolated, and any serial or USB connector that you’ll find on a multimeter will also be isolated. But these are a few rare exceptions.

About 8 years late on that haha
It does live inside a nice silicone case, so it’s not really an issue… the batteries just wriggle loose

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Ok… I think I have an acceptable battery door designed… I’ll have to print it to see how some of the clearances work out
I can confidently say I spent only 30 minutes on it since I burned 2 breaks lol :sweat_smile:
Feel pretty good about it tho

I also didn’t have a screw to model, so I just sort of guesstimated that bit


Saw the DnD stuff you were making and it reminded me of this guy’s extraordinary creations. Wyrmwood on Instagram: "Build your table now for your ultimate Dungeons and Dragons campaign⚔! Tag your party and back our Kickstarter campaign today! Link in bio👆 #DnD #Kickstarter @tabletopwitchcraft"

gutteral noises

Uhhhhh that’s so modular I looove it…

This is my table currently… 2 random ikea tables I managed to marketplace mates for… some 3d printed slides to be able to slide things around and
“Level up” table riser thing… super cool… not worth the Kickstarter 2.5 years

I did 3D print some wall mounts for 4x flare 2 Bluetooth speakers , one in every corner, and they sync together for epic ambiance… when people feel like actually managing it…

I just finished the large version of the dice sword for somewhere in that room…
I wanna figure out the best way to glue it together and then I’ll probably share my files
(… assuming I don’t get distracted or feel like my pictures suck and never post it as a result)

Part of me wants to try to print some and sell but 8 seperate 30 minute prints is kind a PITA…
And I know as soon as I commercialize it… someone will undercut me or swipe the idea

Maybe I should just do it until then I guess tho
(Anyone here can get file for free tho obviously)

I like DND but more often than not, a lot of the dnd stuff I print is print first - figure out what to do with it later


Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 5.46.49 PM

Modeled a new carrier board for the meshtastic wisblocks using a LiFePo4 battery and charge controller.


Somewhat stupid, but still made me happy.

Look how close I got to the end on my first full roll.


I tend to run out mid print… And need to add filament runout sensors to my printers…

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Printed my battery door

Pretty happy with it… there IS one part that isn’t work great… there’s a screw boss / sleeve that has so little wall depth that if you put pressure on the screw it delaminated and breaks it off at the layer

Not really a design flaw… more a problem with it being fdm printed… maybe I’ll resin print one to over come that


Try increasing the temperature or decreasing the speed. If there’s something I’ve learned printing mechanical stuff out of ASA is that a high flow hotend helps a lot with layer adhesion but slowing down will get you the same result.

True… that is an option…

But I’m just printing this out of standard PLA

I could step it up to petg or Asa something with actual strength

Ender 3 neo.

Plugged feeder. Took it apart and it looks like it partially melted into the feeder tube. Probably my fault. I never did do the PID tune that it needed (until it was too late).

I also pulled the wires off the fan. Frack Me.

I’m getting ready to order a new tube, Capricorn Bowden PTFE just for kicks. Comes with new fittings. I can resolder the fan wires. But is there anything else I should grab while I’m ordering and fixing?

In related news, I’m really starting to like 3d printing, and starting to despise the rinky dink construction of 3d printers.

Bimetal heatbreak.

Screw in thermister

All metal extruder

Silicone leveling blocks

Pei magnetic bed

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What extruder are you recommending? I have a Hummingbird in mine but wouldn’t recommend printing one if you don’t have experience printing ABS.

Textured PEI is the best bed surface IMHO.

That’s Creality… And also the reason why I considered one of the better Enders at some point, those are easily available in my corner of the globe.

If you want a real addiction, get into printing 3D printers…