What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

heyooo! I want to print some cover plates for some rectangular antennas so I can move them to the outside of some of my cupboards and cabinet doors etc. Does anyone have a good source for “wife approved” quality 3D print services and materials to achieve this? Basically looking for white, smooth as butter surfaces… as close to injection molded as possible.

antenna cover plate.stl (33.2 KB)

PS, if anyone can print these I’d rather pay you vs a shapeways or sculpteo type place any day of the week.

Resin printing is what you want,

I will hopefully be able to have this ability in the next couple months

@darthdomo do you have access to yours at the moment?


You can get really cheap and nice resin printers these days. But shapeways is also a solid option if you don’t want a printer your self.

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How many do you need?

Sadly no, not at home at the moment. Won’t be for a week or so.

Printed a couple carabineers for my tower climbing gear! Now I just need to learn blender so I can edit and design some other stuff, been putting that off for too long lol

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The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me from a maker perspective.

I made an ink pen from this beautiful 100 year old olive wood. It was my first time making a pen out of wood so I learned a lot about how (not to) get a good finish.

I took a class on using a metal lathe and we brass made scribes. That was a lot of fun and I have some project ideas for the metal lathe that I want to work on after the new year.

I made some laser cut Christmas ornaments for my wife’s D&D group.


I’m pretty clueless when it comes to wood usually, but that olive wood is gorgeous

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Yeah, there’s this place by my house that is this historic estate with gardens and they were trimming back these HUGE olive trees. I asked what they were going to do with the wood and they said “mulch it.” I was stunned and asked if they could have some. They let me take as much as I wanted, too bad I just had my little Tesla Model S. But I filled that thing to bursting.

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I had an opportunity a while back to get my hands on… I forget what it’s called, but it’s the same wood that forms an inner skeleton for the giant cactuses
(Crazy I didn’t know that was a thing)

Anyways it’s apparently pretty protected, and you are super not allowed to harm the plant, but if you can find one that’s fallen/dead apparently it’s fine or whatever… had a buddy in the area that snagged some for me, I was going to do SOMETHING cool with it, but he forgot it in Arizona when he came back :-/

Saguaro? That stuff looks awesome!

That really sucks but it was nice of him to try. I guess?

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Needed a low profile mounting bracket for my nic.


This thread needs to come back to life.

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

The finished pan for the forge. Gonna be BIG.

Finished the blower rebuild. Just finished hand painting all the numbers on the casting. Picture doesn’t show handle, but she cranks right up now.


Working on making a modular magnetic rifle rest/rack for when I’m digging a blaster out of the safe, and need to take out 5-8 things in front of it

Unfortunately my printer is still offline since the move but I’m very near being back up and running

Probably not the spirit of the thread, but here’s what I’m working on as thread fodder
my new computer gaming desk I’m cobbling together
With unnecessary RGB growing and growing lol

IKEA Alex drawers and Karlby (super unique :roll_eyes:)kitchen counter top, but I found a electronic standing desk that had a damaged table top for super cheap
(Not planning to do a lot of standing, mostly for being able to adjust desk up or down a few inches for comfort on the fly)

Not the cleanest cable management ever, but I think it’s sufficiently satisfactory… everything is attached to the power strip or USB hub in the bottom tray so it can raise and lower without any cable mess

USB hub has 5-7data ports and 4 power only ports in that cable management tray…

Mounted a small 4 port usb hub next to the desk controls under the desk, wireless dongles usually hang out there, easy enough to get to if I need to swap something and decent signal, but hidden enough

Think I want to move the KBR1 closer to the edge, I find I have to fish around to find it


The filing cabinet holds my hotas joystick and throttle, and I have the cables set up, so that I can it in cleanly and in seconds when I wanna fly in VR,


Not really technical or anything implant-related, but I crafted a new set of cyberloxx lately - had a lot of fun while doing that, and thought I would share it here. It’s incredibly easy, and I like the style :wink:

Wearing them looks like

The rexlace is - surprise! - glow in the dark, as well as the decor on the foamies, but I wasn’t able to try this out. Like, I was too lazy to take out my UV flashlight…


Well I like projects.

Lightsaber display

Axe hobo guitar


Now make 'em pulse to music.


Need to re-print a few things before finally assembly but this is the project on the bench now

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