What are you making ⚒️ / 3D printing 🖨

I printed the Lamb the other day from Cult of the Lamb.

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@invalid_signal Speaking of PTFE Bowden tubing, I was going to mention this because I don’t think I saw it in your pictures.

The kit comes with a few blue clips, they are there to hold the collar for the PFTE Bowden tube in place so it doesn’t slip out. Make sure you use them.

They go here:

And here:

Also, that blue tube is Creality Capricorn. Definitely recommend. Let’s you print in higher temps and all around feeds filament better for only around $10-11 for 1m. Microcenter has it for a reasonable price. 1m will probably do two printers pretty easily.


I currently want to print this


But I wanna get a little crazy with it

I haven’t really master color changes at levels, I’m always off by one layer or it doesn’t resume right

But I want to alter the stl, add a rasied ring at the end of each trace and make the second half or so of each trace a different height

The center id print black, the legs of the chip gold,
And then the ends of the traces probably gold also… and the traces themselves, maybe a white pink or pink red mix

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If I had the time and will I would print it out in transparent fillament and backlight it with an arduino. every circle would randomly fire and the random firing would create a wave back towards the center and/or the next circle. That would look cool but I don’t think I would be able to do it well.

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I’m a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar.

Found quite a few Firefly things, have to print them in-between other things XD


I just got a lathe. My brother has been a woodworker for years and always makes cool stuff so I thought I’d get set up too.

The first thing I had to do was 3D print some tools to help. These are guides to set the platton on the bench grinder for sharpening tools.

These go into the lathe to help push pen kits together.

Here’s the process of making my first pen.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! And I only glued it to the bench once! LOL!

Next up, I want to make a bowl. I have a nice chunk of 100 year old olive wood I’m going to try.


That pen looks awesome!


Agreed! Nice work!


Who’s got resin printing and or laser?

I will have the ability to have active ventilation soon
Which opens up my options for both

Thinking something elegoo Mars and maybe a k40 or something?

Made this for my flipper zero dev board. Pretty happy with how it turned out.


I have an Anycubic Photon S, the really small one. Only cost about 100 quid so I though “why not?”

Honestly, I don’t really use it, mostly just to print small figures for people or some cool warhammer statues for my nephew.

FDM is way better I think for most stuff. Especially since if my first layer is fucked on and FDM, I see it right away and can cancel print, re-adjust, re-calibrate if needed and then just hit print again. MSLA, well, I cant see under the fluid. Also, for me, FDM makes more sense in my head so troubleshooting is a bit easier.

I’ll just add though, the statues look fucking cool when printed in a resin printer.

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I already have fdm pretty dialed in,

I want resin for things resin printers excel at

Oh yeah definitely, and if I want to print a static piece that just looks fucking cool, I would use the the resin one.

I’m just saying that while both type of printers get put through the “I’m gonna print all the cool shit” the FDM printers shift to being able to print loads of practical stuff. The resin printers, I feel anyway, less general utility.

And I guess I’m more saying this for other rather than yourself because you’ve already been into 3D printing for a while. Just my two cents.


One HUGE difference between the FDM and SLA is time :clock1:

A single print of a single item, would take pretty much the same amount of time, HOWEVER, if we take your warhammer figures as an example, you could print 20+ (depending on your bed and figure size) in the same amount of time on the SLA as it would to print 1 on a FDM.
i.e. it woukd take ~20x as long to print the same on an FDM.

There is also the difference between the chemical vs mechanical bond strength.

I guess at the end of the day, it’s horses for courses, what you have access to and what you are comfortable with


I think I might have set people down the wrong path here lol

I’ve been reading about resin printing for a while, I understand the things it’s great at, the things it sucks at, clean and cure process, clear resins etc

I just stopped looking at new machines a year and a half ago as they where coming to market… since it wasn’t helpful to look at machines I couldn’t have at the time

I’m wondering what the current front runners are for cost and quality and all that

Last I saw elegoo Mars was disrupting the market pretty good, like creality did with the ender 3 when it came out

But maybe there’s a new kid on the block, or elegoo has slipped since then :man_shrugging:t2:

I would say that Elegoo is probably still the front runner.

I’ve used someone else’s resin printer a couple of times and can recommend the technology.

I want to get two 3D printers, one for resin and another one for filament. But I still need the time and space.

I’m a little disheartened at the moment to learn about chitu playing games with locking the machines down to only work with their slicer and then making a pro version for 170$ a year

Free might be fine for now. But that’s a bad direction and I’d laid doesn’t sell, will they strip free till it isn’t good enough?


Made myself an MSE-6 mouse droid, and I just had to share it somewhere:

The top and side greeblies are 3D printed, the rest is aluminum


For just a sec, I was looking for buttons, and thinking how uncomfortable that was going to be to use (mouse = pc mouse )

I’m in the shop right now trying to step up my blacksmithing game. The cart will become a forge. I’m cutting steel for the pan now.

The blower will probably be restored, but just used as a display piece.