What’s on your chips?

Hail been a few years, I think it’s time to refresh what’s on my implants.

What does everybody have stored on their chips?


A bunch of testing URLs haha… apexes have Fido and otp keys


My apex has a bunch of OTP and a couple ndef records. My xem is setup for building access at my work. The others i don’t use as much but my xm1 is for cloning hotel keycards.


My contact information as a test for the dangerous url vcard thing, a link to this forum, a bunch of cyborg themed youtube videos, and a string that sais “I signed up to become a cyborg and all I got was this NFC chip”.

I was originally planning to get an access control system but ended up moving to another country so that’s on hold for the time being. I should look for an europrofile cylinder with NFC but this is in the back burner for now.

Do my plans to get an Apex in R4 also count? Those are also on the back burner… :cry:


I pretty much, use them all for as much as I can.
Some dedicated to things, some more flexible.

I won’t break them all down, but as an idea:

I have the original spark; generally the Spark & Spark2 get a bad rap, which is undeserving in my opinion.
I used to use it for my VK Authenticator OTP, and still would, but that is now on my Apex. ( in fact, I may either back them up on the Spark, or split them between each )
I still have "Business card / contact details and a couple of weblinks. ( Basically like a Popl etc, but in the DT environment which I have no problem with )
I do like the iOS Spark app better than the Android one, but it is still good enough for my needs.
My Spark is also my only ISO15693 implant.
On top of all that, as mentioned by Amal previously, there will be some more functionality / compatibility with the VK improvements that are on the roadmap.

My FlexM1gen2 is probably my most used implant, It is my house access , but also when I travel, It is my my go-to for hotel doors; And because its gen2, I can write to it with my phone ( and store the profiles in the MCT app 'Library" for quick swaps. )

My NExT LF has my vehicle Push to Start on it
My NExT HF has a Tasker task setup and some passwords and the UIDs for both for PC login.
as seen here.

My xMagic, I am using on some projects both LF and HF but soon to be set “permanently”
It has been really helpful, especially when playing with dual freq readers, or swapping between either.

My FlexNT is my best performer, currently being used for a separate project ( To be shared SOON™ )

I also have 1 or 2 custom conversions planned in the near future ( also to be shared SOON™ )

Oh, also another custom conversion, but I haven’t spoken to Amal directly about that one, that will be a bit further down the track

“I won’t break them all down” That’ll probably do
and a couple of others doing other things, and a FlexDF2 yet to be installed


I’m almost at my 2 weeks post installation of my NExT and my xSIID.
My NExT has my work badge on the LF side, and I’ve changed my domain password to the UID of the HF side (plus a couple of characters to make it a “strong password”, so it’s almost like 2-factor authentication with part of my password in my brain and the other part in my hand. :slight_smile: ). Plus I have a URL for a link-tree type site where I have my contact info stored on it.
My xSIID is mostly for playing. My partner and I store various links there and have fun with making it light up. :blinky_red:


xSIID: vcatd
NExT: Rick roll/access control for previous apartment (will enroll in my AC after I install it in my car… eventually)
xEM: friend’s safe if the unfortunate happens
FlexMT: broken, will replace for something similar in a new location for hotel/apartment and my car (once I get everything installed)
xMagic: use it for one of three readers at my apartment complex. Need to figure out how to get the complex to let me install compatible readers for the other two locations. Maybe saying “Hey, 3 readers of the same model makes maintenance and troubleshooting 3 timss easier than 3 readers of different models.” Lol


I’m new here! Just got my Apex Flex in my right hand a few weeks ago. So far it’s set up with a link to my website and as a key to my car. Waiting on OTP through a compatible iPhone app.

I can see how this can get addictive - now I’m thinking of what door lock I can get that will work with an implant (TBD) that can go in my left hand!


NeXT - lf key for a door I often use, hf emergency medical details, meds which I take, allergies, blood type, etc
xMagic - lf another key for em41xx door, hf ndef with a message HACK THE PLANET
Apex - fido, smartpgp, otp auth, hmac-sha1 gen, bip32 and ndef 4k with a copy of the hackers manifesto inside


We are literally working on that now for an iOS version of Apex Manager


Awesome, looking forward to it! :blush:

Hey, new to the forum. I’ve my work pass on the LF side of my NExT. Does anyone else have problems reading their implant with the Proxmark3?