What Tag/Transponder to ge for a Motogadget m.lock?

Just for information my implant is with 125khz and 13,56 transponder in the same implantat.

I noticed mine is called MO.lock, and it is from the same company that did the m. Lock. They look very similar, but the name.

What would you approach be with a proxmark 3?

I just don’t get that my xEM turns it of perfect every time, but not on

A Scan / Read and comparison of each of the cards and your implant to look for any differences.
Then likely a copy and clone of card to implant

Can you recommend what version of the Proxmark 3 to get, I doubt the cheap Chinese will be wise?

This is the cheap Chinese one, but it comes precompiled with the best and latest firmware.

The antenna is not optimised for use with the xSeries implants, but it is possible.

otherwise if you want to spend $300 plus $35 on an Proxmark 3 RDV4 and LF antenna, respectively, I can provide you a link.

There is a possibility that this will work, but I am not sure if anybody has tried it with the M.lock or Mo.lock

I purchased one of these ignitions a while back and it is named m-lock however I think it’s just an older generation of the mo.lock. that being said, my NExT implant only turns it on when smashed directly on it and slowly twisting and moving to get the angle just perfect, and it takes a few minutes of fiddling the same way to get it to turn off. I have yet to install it for the impractical read range and the extra challenge of my bike being electric with extra challenges (no always on 12v source —___—). If you figure anything out, I’d be excited to hear the results, because at the moment mine is just a waste of money and space.


I have recieved my Proxmark 3 and the LF antenna, compiled and installed the Iceman repo.

Did an Em410x clone from a Chinese Em4100 transponder to my implant, and can now confirm the motor gadget is working 100% - happy me :blush:

Thanks for your hint :blush:


Also thank you for updating us.
It really adds to the community and will likely help somebody else out in the future


just occurred to me that the LF side on my NeXT is provisioned as an ioProx card so it likely wouldn’t work with the m.lock/mo-lock anyway, huh?

Yeah, I think you may be in the market for an xEM or NExT Implant

aw darn. Whatever shall I do. Blinkie NeXT when? :stuck_out_tongue: