What's your dream Biomod?

I was just curious what other peoples dream biohack/ biomod regardless of current technical limits.

Mine is I have always wanted a robotic arm.

Tech, I really want a fairly seemless local storage of data “local” to my body

Body mod, I really want glow in the dark tattoos… not the uv black light… self illuminating photo luminescent tattoo

Pretty sure I’d do a circuit board design or something… possibly different colors for different pathways


You can get that now! … but I think you should probably be more specific about your minimum requirements there :wink:


I could get what I want if I had a lot more money, technically what I want already exist in full but it’s stupid expensive.


Are two options.

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Interesting. So are you missing a limb or would you replace a “normally functioning” limb for this?


I am not missing a limb. I just feel the prosthetics have reached a point where I wouldn’t lose much functionality. Especially with the Luke arm having full range of motion and the others that can sense temperature and pressure.

None of the options I am aware of are quite as good as a normal limb at this point.

Although that might be one way to reach your weight loss goals. :rofl:

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This is my issue. Beating nature for strength, energy efficiency, energy source, sensor array, dexterity, and SPEED! Man… speed…it’s going to be a long time before a practical prosthetic beats that

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That is sort of true with below-knee prosthetics. But above knee is still a major functional loss, and arms are still a complete disaster at any level, however much money you throw at the problem. And that’s not changing anytime soon, considering the complexity of a fully functional upper limb.

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if you hadn’t seen this thread, I thought you might be interested, FYI

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Staying within the realm of the achievable reasonably soon, by dream hack would be an added functionality of any kind that interacts with me both ways - i.e. it talks to me and I talk to it using solely my nervous system, ideally without an external power supply.

For instance, a timepiece that tells me the time on command: I twitch a muscle, and it zaps the time in morse code using electrical impulses. Even that simple concept (1 bit duplex I/O) is all shades of complicated for biohackers for a lot of reasons. In fact, it’s not terribly easy to do even if you have access to medical research equipment and the all-important medical creds needed to make it happen legally in a hospital. Still, it’s not far off…


Actually a timepiece implant is probably one of the most easy things to do because of the extremely low power requirements… I mean “easy” as in out of all active device implants for biohackers to work on, an RTC takes almost no power and even less to activate a nerve (pacemakers, DBS, etc.) … a good sized primary cell, sealed in a proper casing, could run this kind of thing for a few years at least… if not more.


As I have a fucked up eye since birth, I’d love to replace it.

amblyopia Lazy eye.


It’s not robotic but how’s this for speed?

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Yes, that’s why I chose this example. But even that is very hard to implement for real - at least if you want something that gets under your skin and Just Works Reliably™ - as opposed to a huge lump of something dangerous implanted by adventurous grinders that’ll need to be taken out soon by design.

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I’d get my brain in a robot body, or if possible, get uploaded to a robot body.

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There is one great thing anyone could get tomorrow to gain a direct audio interface, and that’s a cochlear implant.

If your sense of hearing is fine, you have deep pockets and you’re willing to risk your hearing, you could get one and very likely not suffer any adverse effect to your current hearing abilities.

Unfortunately, it’s not happening because no doctor will implant you if you don’t have a profound hearing impairment. I should know, I’ve been asking everywhere for years. Even Russian doctors won’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. That should tell you something…

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even a “HOW TO” diagram