What's your dream Biomod?

Given that my eyes are the only thing that really doesn’t work as well as they should I would love scifi eye replacements. “Zwack has been to chiba too”… Zoom lenses, night vision, IR,…

Not an option yet, and probably not in my lifetime, but it would need to actually be an improvement over glasses or contact lenses to make me do it.


Just turn me into inspector gadget and I’ll be happy :yum:

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As far as BCI, I’d be pretty happy with keyboard and mouse commands, equivalent or faster than using a physical

Maybe a heads up display window not unlike ghost in the shell for YouTubes


If that was possible and made typing in VR easy, I’d definently get one.

Honestly I’d love robotic eyes with proper colour, not that being coloirblind is a huge detriment to my life but having that on top of vision correction and possible zoom, IR as other people have said. It would be great haha

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On the cyborg-y side, I think I’d like to improve my senses - like, being able to see beyond the usual spectrum, getting a north sense or some sort of sonar. The last two won’t “improve” existing senses, but be something completely new, so I wouldn’t swap out stuff but rather add something to my body. For the eyes… well. Guess I’d be too afraid of side-effects and such to get my eyes swapped out, and they’re working fine, so… not yet something to think of.

On the more bodymod-y side, I’d love to get bioluminescence. Patterns of colour, running across my whole body (not sure if circuit-board-style or rather a bit more tribal-like), and I’d be able to control the colours and speed by my mind. And bright enough to be visible at day!
Maybe a bit more realistic - good, colourful, intense glow-in-the-dark tattoos. Would be a nice start :wink:

edit: Oh, I forgot one! Totally hippy-like, but I’d love to have some sort of “device” on my body to connect to other beings. To deeply and fully understand them, like, knowing what a tree feels or such… comparable maybe to those things in Cameron’s Avatar film, or in a way the braindance stuff in cyberpunk.

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I’d like better legs. My family has a history of arthritis, and it’s already developing in my right knee. It’s been giving me a lot of issues in the last few weeks, I can barely walk some days. Given that walking is my main form of exercise, it’s a big problem, and one that’ll only get worse.

If a one-to-one prosthetic were made, I would probably swap them out in a heartbeat. I also have super wide feet (4E extra wide), which makes it incredibly hard to find shoes I can wear. It’d be nice to not have to worry about that.

My weight definitely plays a part in joint pain though, I’m hoping if I can continue to lose weight, it’ll help things.

Artificial ears would be dope too. I’ve already got heavy tinnitus in my left ear, at 20, so things aren’t looking too bright in that department. I’m assuming it’s hereditary, my entire dad’s side has it, and I’ve read some interesting papers linking it to genetics.

It’d be great if I could (through encrypted and secure means) beam my own audio to them as well. I love the modern era of true wireless earbuds, but they bother my ears after an hour or two.

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You mean like Echolocation


@coma There are also quite a few good videos on youtube

This should get you started in the right direction




This guy is sooo my new all-time hero. Thank you for the link.

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I’ve been obsessed with his channel since I found it a couple years back.

I would like a permanent payment implant that’s updateable and secure like Google pay or Apple pay. That won’t expire.

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I want an implantable device that can generate very high voltage. At the least I’d like to be able to static shock things on command. At the most I’d like to be able to power high voltage electronics and shoot a lightning bolt from my hand.


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I don’t want to pollute this thread with GIFs, it’s a good thread, but I had to on this one…


I am planning to get contacts implanted since my vision has stabilized beyond the “medically necessary” level (in the US). That’s about $8k right now though, but to be able to not worry about losing a contact in whitewater or having the damn things inside out!.. Hopefully worth it.

From a not-yet-feasible standpoint: I’d love to have a bio-electronic implant that syncs with my phone and constantly monitors body vitals to better help me understand the effects of food, exercise, sleep, etc. Ideally, I could pick a desired target, and the device would somehow trigger a craving for the component I needed (within reason).

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I feel this 100% I wear a US size 16 4E

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Our circumstances are different, but I feel my solution might help you: try barefooting.

I began going shoeless originally because the pain in my right knee, which has been replaced by a prosthesis, was unbearable. I even had the dubious honor of being one of the early heavy Oxycontin addict before it was even acknowledged that you could get addicted, because of the pain. I had the good fortune to meet a doc who told me to try barefooting before writing me yet another script for the damn thing. The guy literally saved me from constant pain and cleaned me up at the same time.

So I’ll tell you what he told me: try going without shoes for 3 days. Worse that can happen is, it does nothing for you and you’ll look like an idiot for 3 days. But if you feel a difference in the pain level, keep at it and perhaps that’s your answer, as it was for me.

It would however make your other problem worse:

Yeah, that won’t get no better. I’ve been barefoot for 20 years and my feet have widened so much it’s nigh on impossible for me to wear any normal-sized shoes when I need to.

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This thread might interest you

For me dream biomod would be neural link or similar type of device that you can use to find any information in an instant. It would also be able to use the functions that a phone can currently use. I know this is in a distant future but it would be really cool even tho it presents many problems like hacking and controlling someone’s brains.
I’ve played cyberpunk little too much recently but this has been in my mind little before that even.

For the closer future I would like to monitor my heath like the Oura ring but all it’s features would be in a implantable form.


@Zwack and @Pilgrimsmaster: yeah, pretty much like that - didn’t know humans could actually learn that!
But to keep it on a more practical level - I’d love to have a version of that that operates on a frequency that others can’t hear :wink: