Where have you stuck yours ⁉ DT Sticker

You know how they offered those 12 foot tall skeletons for Halloween and they sold out instantly? Maybe we need an 18" diameter DT sticker.


Wait what? I didn’t know these were a thing! Anyone got a pic?

You could have used lmgtfy :slight_smile:

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So it’s not a tall skeleton with 12 feet?


No, but that would be sooo much cooler.

Gods no…

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Awww, I was thinking DT or another company in particular offered 12 foot tall skeletons :frowning:

But yes, massive DT stickers sound amazing!

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Yes there are such skeletons. I think you may have gotten caught up in some wordplay over “feet”.

There is a 12 foot (the measurement) tall skeleton from home depot. Its a huge viral / fad thing.

There is not a skeleton with 12 feet (the part of your body you put shoes on).

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haha, see how confusing just one of your antiquated measuring systems can be.
You even have to quantify that it is a measurement.

You would have been better off using cubits

Ok, 8 cubit tall skelleton then.


Where did you got the sticker from because I want to?

They come with Dangerous things orders

I thought they come in a Little box to buy them I thought.

You may be a little confused, when we were talking about them being in a box we mean the packaging of a DT item. Usually with the receipt and instructions at the bottom (hence why people don’t always find it)

Here is my NExT box, I have used my sticker so I just highlighted the paper backing. So that’s what we mean by “Sticker in the box”


I get it now thanks for explaining me better.

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Inside the cover of my test card folio


Love the idea of a test card folio, might have to throw my own together now…

All I’ve got at the moment is a stack of blank cards with the type written in Sharpie.


I have a few of those also.
I bought my bundle before KSEC did their card stickers.
I might have to ask for some stickers at my next order.
They look much more professional.

At least I can TRY and look the part :wink:

The Folio keeps them in a small and easy to use profile, so that has worked out well for me so far

KSEC Test card bundle

KSEC Magic Card Pack


Oh wow, those look amazing, I hadn’t seen their newer design. I’m still very tempted by their magic card bundle, or just by their 7-byte DESFire emulator card. I still need to buy one and see if my university is just using DESFire UID for door authentication, would be great for potential implant use, if a flex conversion could be done.

Don’t even want to try and use an implant for payment at student markets or anything, especially in the COVID-era (all registers are behind plexiglass, meant to hand over ID through a slot), so trying to get my own DESFire implant enrolled seems overkill, plus I don’t want the implant to be useless after graduation. That’s if I could even get it enrolled in the first place.

(don’t wanna derail too bad so I’ll stop there :wink:)