Wireless battery nfc reader

Looking to create a wireless chargeable micro battery with nfc to power LED implants

Seeking ideas. Mainly wifi battery. Implant grade

The general consensus seems to be that implanting a battery just isn’t a good idea yet

But, there’s been some work on creating external accessories such as a bracelet to keep those blinkies on:

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Pace makers and defibs have been around for ages…

indeed, I would suggest you follow the link the alphabet kid gave you in the post above

Pacemakers are bought up frequently as an example as a subdermal power source

Here’s the first one I can think of

( Never Defibs though)

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That’s a bit of a pet peeve for me. I feel like people tend to see this as an unquestionable law when in reality it’s a bit more of a general guideline.
Subdermals with small batteries have been done before (rechargeable and not) and successfully that is. It is dangerous to an extent sure but with people implanting things like xGLOs or dodgy magnets (me included) I think we should take step back and consider the destructive failure rate of a well manufactured coin cell.

A rechargeable coin cell of 30x3mm could keep an LED on for approximately a day. It can easily (and quickly) be charged wirelessly and the circuit for that is absolutely tiny. Overall with the cell, electronics and coating you’re looking at a ~ 35x5mm package wich is reasonable compared to most esthetic silicone implants.

The real reason implants like these are not common is not because they are wildly TOO DANGEROUS, it’s because they are NOT SAFE ENOUGH to be a commercial product that a company can endorse.

For these reasons it’s unlikely anyone will work on such a project and that’s not great because working on it is the only way to innovate and improve. I feel like that general “batteries = no no” enforces the idea that we can’t do anything about it until some magical new energy storage comes out.


I did not mean to imply that

I simply meant that for the average person the things related to implanting an energy storage device, including but not limited to potential dangers generally make them not

Or at a minimum, not the most promising solution floating around. (For the average person)

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Oh yeah, sorry I didn’t mean this to be personal at all, just a general though/rant :sweat_smile:

100% agreed, it’s not for the average grinder. But I see that mindset even amongst more advanced and jackass grinders

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The subject of batteries is interesting… I’ll record a little video tomorrow and post here with my thoughts.

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I was very interested in the Northstar, when that was still somewhere on the radar, and from the research I did during that time (that’s about three years ago or so), I got the impression that the main problem is the outgassing that (inevitably?) happens with batteries. So you have to seal the battery, because it won’t be happy with your bodily fluids, and when it’s sealed it will start to inflate (worst case: blow up) because of the gas.
I saw a picture of one of the first pegleg prototypes (can’t seem to find it right now), and it looked like it was close to exploding. That’s a risk I would definitely not take, but maybe there is a solution to it by now…

I can connect you with Rich Lee who I’m helping work on the lovetron9000. That’s intended to vibrate, but the power delivery and storage demands are the same so this is kind of a sister project. Maybe you can collaborate.

Do you have any hardware development experience?

Also, what do you mean by WiFi battery?


Wireless rechargeable battery. Induction…

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Keen to work with rich…

Appreciate the grouped moritorium on the topic at least until safer alternatives are discovered and released. The point you make about an example being made i think is the clearest and most damning point. The moment something like this is deemed unsafe and can be a real “Dangerous thing” regulations are going to roll. With DT being the forefront of this i feel like it would be hit the hardest.

Just echoing my previous sentiments, the dedication and commitment to safety you have is admirable.

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