Wiring Wiki / Video Discussion

Learning is great and everyone should at least try to understand rather than just aimlessly following.

In complete fairness i think we should through up another wiki! yay!

With these sorts of diagrams (maybe a little tidier) so people can dig through and see if its already been answered.


Yeah, I had the same thought the other day but I’ve been a bit busy to dig out some examples …I have designed it in my head…does that count?
Kind of a repository for wiring diagrams. plus links and References.
AppleCAD (Nice reference above by the way @Devilclarke) would be more than sufficent.

I’ll throw something together.
but do we lock it down from comments?
Let the questions get asked in other threads?
I’m guessing MOST of the wiring diagrams will be xAC related so the thread will be consistent…
Right, now I have said this “Out loud” I’ll start a place holder and get it done today.
Wiring diagram repository :pill: :wink:
or something similarly catchy


Legend as always @Pilgrimsmaster.

Ofcourse thats where most of my best ideas still currently reside.

I could go through and make some nice drawings as time progresses.

I think so, that way we can keep it tidy and would also allow things to be reviewed before being added (stops any backwards diodes and the such).


I actually have something like this in the works. But… Video based. I’m setting up a homebrew desktop video studio for this, and gathering all the common components. Most of it should be here next week. The plan is to walk through from simple to “Whoa, WTF was that” stopping along the way to hit each variation in common usage.

Getting it both comprehensive, and high quality while remaining newb friendly may be a challenge, but I’m feeling it, and that’s where the best projects come from.


Sounds great!
How do you see your plan fitting in with the Wiring diagram repository?
In place of ( I can step aside )
Alongside ( I’ll do wiring diagrams “wiki” you do video “wiki”
or combined ( We can combine Diagrams accompanied with video )
@ODaily Thoughts??


Nope, bad idea. Besides, you done volunterated.

Probably the most likely.
“I don’t really understand Wiki though.” (he says as he hangs his head in techno shame)

Ideally I think maybe I’ll just put it all together, I envisage a series of videos, and then let you refile it where it will be most accessible?

Maybe. It depends on what the final product looks like, and then how / if it can be smoothly integrated.

Above all else, I want it to be a simple starting point that will allow someone totally unfamiliar with what’s going on to “spin up” their skill set.


That would be awesome, if you can do videos along side wiring diagrams and explanations tied together that could be an amazing resource for beginners.


We might could tie this together if I did a video, and you published a matching diagram?

I need to get my shit together and get started.
I’ve got a plan.

Wait, I can do that better…

We’ve spun way off topic. @Pilgrimsmaster You think you could split this off for us? Let’s let the poor guy have his thread back. :upside_down_face:


Doesn’t matter to me if you split it off I’ll just end up following that thread anyway. Lol

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Love it, more than happy to chip in where I can!


You already have HERE, without even knowing about it…


What about a basic shopping list somewhere in a Wiki?

Like trusted vendors for your lil blue cloner, and pm3, other electrical things.

Obviously not your on-the-sly vendors, you keep that to yourself.

You could have a section for basic antenna making, breadboard basics, and good places to source them.

I guess I am only thinking of this because I am going to order a pm3 today, and I am trying to figure what else to get, and it is spread around. I know generally where to look to find what I think I need. I feel it would be easier to have a tool name and search for that in the forum, over trying to find your problem, and hope the thread you find has a tool in it for you.


cool, i’ve called my car mote thing the xAC Toggleator (open to suggestions on the name) due to the fact it does more than just work with car remotes basically it takes the xAC output and toggles between 2 sets of connections (shorting them together) long story short it can press 2 buttons with a implant (lock, unlock or open, closed).

@Pilgrimsmaster there is also a glaringly obvious mistake in the schematic so i’ll send of the correct one in PM.


I Love it

How about a poll ( In the form of a Pie chart, because, PIE :pie: )

  • xAC Toggleator
  • Something else

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This is a refreshing change of pace, normally we make extra work for Amal, not Pilgrimaster.

Hey buddy, how’s it going? You got those TPS reports done yet?


HAHA, you might need to send me another copy of the MEMO

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giphy (19)

Thought I’d drag this back to the top and give a status update.

Got my new camera mount in, and actually cleaned up (re-shoveled and re-piled) my work desk. Need to make a bracket for it to secure to desk. Dug an old PC out of the pile (last one, gotta find more victims) and I’ll need to find keyboard / mouse / monitor to get it going.

Also have a pretty fair selection of “stuff” to work with.

I might be video capable this weekend, and start knocking 'em out one at a time next week or so. Probably keep them semi-private until I’m satisfied that I’m headed in the right direction and I won’t have to go back and re-do the content.

Still progress is progress.

@Devilclarke Once I’ve got my act together, I’d really like to have you diagram the circuit used in each video. That way they agree so as not to confuse the audience more than electrically necessary. Will let you know when I’ve got something to work with.


More than willing to help, how do we want them? Applecad, Eagle (like my pcb schematics) or other?


Your choice. I’m thinking keep it visually simple. Will know more after I’ve got a few vids.

You know how the Arduino examples are organized? I wanna do something similar. That means the first few will be ridiculously simple.