X-series extra range

So, IAR offers +10% range on some implants. (+10% on whatever it was before… no real numbers there.)
It seems to be 1mm longer than the usual tag.
Screenshot_2021-01-13 NFC Implantat X2 mit Zubehör - RFID Implantat - I am ROBOT
Can this be done with e.g. the xNT?
Can you take that further? e.g. 2mm*20mm or would that mean the tag loses “strength” and breaks more easily?

I have that implant in my hand and the performance increase is real.

Speaking of big glassies Amal, any news from the giant T5577?

I didn’t doubt that.
Does it make it significantly easier to find it with a phone?

Jumbo xEM? :o

Well it’s apparently tuned to 134 kHz and it’s configured as an FDX-B by default. That’s why I didn’t call it a giant xEM :slight_smile: But yeah.

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