X-series extra range

So, IAR offers +10% range on some implants. (+10% on whatever it was before… no real numbers there.)
It seems to be 1mm longer than the usual tag.
Screenshot_2021-01-13 NFC Implantat X2 mit Zubehör - RFID Implantat - I am ROBOT
Can this be done with e.g. the xNT?
Can you take that further? e.g. 2mm*20mm or would that mean the tag loses “strength” and breaks more easily?

I have that implant in my hand and the performance increase is real.

Speaking of big glassies Amal, any news from the giant T5577?

I didn’t doubt that.
Does it make it significantly easier to find it with a phone?

Jumbo xEM? :o

Well it’s apparently tuned to 134 kHz and it’s configured as an FDX-B by default. That’s why I didn’t call it a giant xEM :slight_smile: But yeah.

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It’s ok @anon3825968, maybe he’s just got REALLY REALLY small hands lol

There’s no banana or storm trooper so who knows how big it actually is


Hey, you found it :slight_smile: Nice!

I know just the place where to implant this. Provided it rings as an EM that is.

your proxmark3 can re-write it… it’s fdx-b at the moment…

Yeah I know, but I was hoping you could test it as an EM before I buy it from you to make sure the range is identical, because it’s not tuned to 125 kHz. I know it’s not that picky at that frequency, but ya never know…

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i’ll just toss one in your next shipment… unless you need it asap … it’s like $40 for us to send anything to you…

i can stick it on a proxmark3 later

No, absolutely no hurry :slight_smile:

I’m happy to pay for it - particularly if you can sterilize it before shipping. I don’t think my piercer wants to throw that in the autoclave. It might not be terribly safe.

$40? Really? Sounds like I’m ruining you each time I order something from you :slight_smile:

a little bit yeah, but you’re worth it :wink:


Suppository for your seat reader?

They are a little longer than I thought, I was thinking about moving my Spark1 from my L0, but they might be a bit large for there.

Maybe forearm or L1-L4 / R1-R4

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That’s very kind of you. But like I said before, nobody works for free. You should charge me for shipping adequately.

Close: I plan on implanting it alongside my lumbars, just off to the side to clear the spinous process.

Nice, great idea :bulb:
Good decision for that behemoth, gotta protect it a little more

This is a project I’ve had in mind for some months. I still have a flexEM here that was supposed to be implanted there, but I backed off on that because I’m afraid it’ll bite me constantly. My installer also thought it wasn’t terribly safe. The glassie won’t bite, and the thin form factor lends itself well to finding a space between the vertebrae’s bony projections.

Amal, is the black stuff conformal coating?

I assume you mean black stuff… the resin inside is a biosafe medical resin. It’s not exactly rock hard… more rubbery… but it’s biosafe

Yes black, sorry.

No I meant, is the black material parylene on the outside (bio-bond) or is it just the color of the resin inside the glass?

Now that’s interesting…