xEM access controller version 2 help!

Hi so recently I purchased the lifestyle bundle and in said bundle it has NExT Chip Implant and xEM access controller. I emailed asking for help and came to a semi dead end. I was told I have the version 2 xEM access controller. I understand the 2 other implants and the magnet which is included in the bundle but I have absolutely NO idea how to power the xEM access controller so I can add an NFC card I have onto it! Obviously I want to figure this put before putting it into my hand. Can someone please help! Does absolutely everything I need come in the bundle I bought? Can someone explain it to me in dummy terms PLEASE! Thank you!

What use are you going to put the access controller to?

The product page goes into detail as to how to hook the access controller up. But unless you have a use case it is hard to suggest how you should wire it up for yourself.

Equally if the NeXT hasn’t been implanted yet I believe it is inside a metal needle. This will stop you from reading the chip. If you have a phone with NFC you should be able to use that to test if you can read the chip.

As for power it takes 9v DC to 12v DC which can be provided by a battery or a transformer. It will draw up to 102mA so almost any power supply should be big enough. You would connect the positive to red and the negative to black for power.

So do I need to buy the circuit board and power supply? I’m so confused!

So the access controller is a reader that allows you to scan a chip like the xEM or the LF side of the NExT an if it is an authorised chip then open / close an electronic switch.

It is for DIY projects etc you supply power (12v), enrol your implant, attache the output to something (in the example it’s a door latch) and when you scan the enrolled implant the door would open.

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No, the board in Amal’s video is not necessary, it’s just something that’s useful when trying out various electrical setups without needing to solder

You will need a power supply, 9-12v range

I used a xACv2 in my gun safe project


The paper manual that comes with the xEM AC should tell you how to set it up initially for enrollment after you power it. It also tells you which wires are used for what
I used mine to setup a car unlock system
RFID unlock with Car Keyfob

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I GOT IT!!! Thank you so much for all your help! :slight_smile: We have installed the implant in my hand no problem both myself and my boyfriend are body piercers so he did it for me! But now, we’ve determined the master keys so A for add and C for clear etc and when i scan it brings me to the dangerous things website to the page for the NExT implant so my next question (sorry to be so damn annoying) but how can I link a URL to it? Thank you!!!

Cuando sabes cono funciona es muy sencillo.
Primero, sabes conectarlo a la luz?
Luego es fácil. Tengo algún video explicativo. Si quieres enviame un mensaje y los busco

You can just download an app on your phone if it has NFC (most do now) and there should be an option in the app to do so. Or if you’d rather use a desktop you’ll need a reader and whatever software you prefer which will also most likely have an option for writing urls
This thread has some pretty good stuff

Gah, I didn’t post it, and it looks like it is too late, oh well, here’s what I wrote anyway

The guys above have done a bang up job answering this.

I hope I can help make it even easier to understand.
WRT your implants, yes, just install and they can be used (after a week or two allowing for swelling to disapate)

Regarding to the extras in the bundle,
The xEM access controller is a simple project accessory, you do not need it for your implant, but you CAN IF YOU CHOOSE to use it for a project.
With the xEM xAC
You have the middle bit, BUT you only need to add two things either side of it. A battery to power it, and a “thing” to open/ close (on/off)

Battery - xEM xAC - Thing I /O

The card
and keyring
that you would have also received in your bundle are diagnostic tools that you may want/need to use if you find an unknown access system etc, but we can help you with that at the time.

Anyway good luck with the install

I plan to make a car unlock system in a few months after I get a newer car that (will hopefully) last me a few years, could you post a link to the power supply you used? Any other information on how you did it would also be nice ti keep until I set mine up but I wouldn’t expect you to have that on hand lol, thank you either way

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Although I don’t recommend using the same power method that I did I will link them. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I used this one and plugged a random 12v DC cable (that I had soldered to the AC power) into it.