xEM Cloning, Emulation Modes and the perils of Chinese cloners!

Well said. I have some plans for this space once the proxmark antenna stuff is finished. I think we need a DT cloner specially for LF implants. Should be super super cheap and simple to design / produce.


I design and populate PCBs. Let me know if you want help with a DT LF cloner.


This would be amazing!


Hey guys, I have an xEM that I’ve been using, but now I think it’s either stuck, or I don’t have a good reader/writer.

I have one of the white readers, the keys light up white but the arrow keys light up blue, so I’m not sure what version it is. It’s able to read my xEM as an HID-125khz, but I can’t write any new values to it, even if I try to copy a different HID tag.

I have two blue ones, but neither seems to be able to read HID.

Halp, what should I do?

Thought it may be worth adding a link to the ProxLF antenna which was released just moments ago. This is the result of wanting to prevent these issues for all!

Get in quickly, they’re going to sell out fast!


Does anyone know anything about this cloner?

I broke it open and rearranged the coils because they stacked the HF and LF coils (so stupid)
And it made reading the xEM of the NeXT Nearly impossible.
It’s a fun little device but I’m pretty sure it’s not to be used for cloning TOO the xEM, but works great for cloning from it.

aNd It TaLkS tOo…:100::call_me_hand::crazy_face::robot:

Edit: WOW, sry, I forgot to add the picture:

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Hmm, that explains why I could get a solid read from my xEM in its needle with the PM3 and a ProxLF antenna at home, and a really poor one at the piercer’s shop when I did a quick check right after implanting the xEM: I thought the results of hw tune were saved in flash or something, so I didn’t reissue the command.

Any way to make the setting permanent?

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Wow, classy!
There is / was a DT cloner on the radar, hopefully the DT version will talk also, if not, why even bother :wink:

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I was making fun of the cloner
Not anyone on here, Sry for the misunderstanding.

Haha, Not at all. I knew exactly what you meant…
Likewise, my “classy” was sarcastic and in agreement to your observation "aNd It TaLkS tOo…:100::call_me_hand::crazy_face::robot: "

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Thanks I missed that, It should be easy to produce.

Lol, This is why I fear the internet, I fear misunderstanding
what people say and fear they misunderstand what I say,
Even when theres no misunderstanding.


I think an important part is reading the person and their personality, more than their words.
You easily build up an idea of regular contributors personalities and I think Amal and his stalwarts have created a friendly, helpful and understanding community.


That makes sense, Thank you.


Hey all - this is the reader/writer mentioned in the original post that is the best case scenario short of the proxmark correct? :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.com.au/Copier-Writer-Handheld-Encrypted-Duplicator/dp/B081CRYXQN/ref=pd_aw_sbs_23_1/355-1712811-1050057?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B081CRYXQN&pd_rd_r=f19f1955-b960-438c-8ec7-756fe3ff6970&pd_rd_w=CJzWp&pd_rd_wg=PHgwD&pf_rd_p=1360aa1f-12c4-4a58-b004-81f2e07f6c52&pf_rd_r=FZDY3DHN55RW8171FYCZ&psc=1&refRID=FZDY3DHN55RW8171FYCZ

No, I would reccomend a ProxMark3 Easy


$114.49 is more expensive than a PM Easy.

As for the unit it’s self have you seen this: (Note the name of the post)

I think order of preference would be PM3 RDV4 > PM3 Easy Knockoff > Blue Cloner > White Cloner.

Where in Australia are you? If you just need to clone a card maybe a local can help? :smiley:


@Pilgrimsmaster @leumas95 Thanks guys, so something like this?: https://www.amazon.com.au/Iycorish-Proxmark3-Developer-Proxmark-Reader/dp/B0824JKKG4/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1B13V1XZMT1H3&dchild=1&keywords=proxmark3+easy&qid=1590913033&sprefix=proxmar%2Caps%2C417&sr=8-1

I’m in Sydney but I want my own kit. Also I have an amazon voucher I’m trying to use :smiley: :smiley:


Yes mate, Just like that.
You could get RDV4 but overkill for what you will probably use it for.

@Pilgrimsmaster haha, nope I’m getting the RDV4 as soon as my pay cut due to COVID is back… I’m a cybersecurity researcher and RFID is one of my untapped areas. that and software defined radio :slight_smile: I’m a malware guy (researcher, not writer)

I’m just bought the ultimate implant bundle so an RDV4 won’t gather dust at my house :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming for me - ordered :slight_smile:


Agree, piswords was where I got mine iirc.