xEM Cloning, Emulation Modes and the perils of Chinese cloners!

Well said. I have some plans for this space once the proxmark antenna stuff is finished. I think we need a DT cloner specially for LF implants. Should be super super cheap and simple to design / produce.


I design and populate PCBs. Let me know if you want help with a DT LF cloner.


This would be amazing!


Hey guys, I have an xEM that I’ve been using, but now I think it’s either stuck, or I don’t have a good reader/writer.

I have one of the white readers, the keys light up white but the arrow keys light up blue, so I’m not sure what version it is. It’s able to read my xEM as an HID-125khz, but I can’t write any new values to it, even if I try to copy a different HID tag.

I have two blue ones, but neither seems to be able to read HID.

Halp, what should I do?

Thought it may be worth adding a link to the ProxLF antenna which was released just moments ago. This is the result of wanting to prevent these issues for all!

Get in quickly, they’re going to sell out fast!