xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations


I’m excited to see the beta availability of the xG3 injectable biomagnet. My understanding is that with traditional magnets, it is common to have them put in the first or second segment of the pinky finger, or other “nerve rich” tissue, in order to sense the small vibrations given off by the magnet. This often means fingers or near finger tips,. The size, shape, and glass covering of the xG3 seems to be less suited for placement in a finger, however. Thoughts on the best locations?


Also very keen on the xG3, but can’t think of where to put it. It’s definitely not fitting in any of my finger segments. Maybe knife edge of the hand?


It seems very much like a lifting magnet, less so sensing. I agree that the blade of the hand seems like a good fit.

I used a field strength calculator at 3mm distance and came up with 0.01lbs of pull force. You could lift a few paper clips or a screw with that no problem.


Are lifting magnets not able to also be sensing magnets? I figured any magnet capable of lift would also sense?


I had thought this too, but I just realized that many laptops use weak magnets to detect lid closure and I would think the blade of the hand may trigger that… obviously not a concern for everyone, but might be worth noting.


Lifting magnets should sense as well. And someone made an interesting observation with the cylinder shapes, the ends are polarized so it should cause a rocking type movement for vibration.

I’m saving the knife edge for flex implants, but I’m wondering where to put this as well. I’m not entirely sold on hand placement at all, though I could possibly do some cool music stuff with one in my hand, so I dunno…


Sure, a magnet is a magnet, but my understanding is that the vibrations induced into an implanted magnet are pretty small. If you want to use it for sensing EM fields, I was under the impression you need to put it somewhere with a lot of sensitive nerve tissue, so that the vibrations will actually be sensed.


They can be small but the two major details that impaxt sensitivity are inertia and magnet/field shape. So yes the xG3 can sense certain fields but not likely as well as a smaller magnet with less inertia to overcome and a shape that is conducive to triggering maximum nerve surface area.


So this is primarily considered a lifting magnet, and not a sensing magnet? Humm… wish that was mentioned in the product description.


In researching most sensitive parts of the hand, I came across the Sensory Homunculus. A physical representation of what regions of the body are most sensitive, shown in size… be traumatized


So, this might be where I put it. Tickle the pinky and knife edge nerves but still enough space for an nfc further down


But then again. Gripping


I was thinking further back and a bit toward the palm since that feels like a pretty squishy place on me. Even while tensed, that muscle is still squishy and I don’t do anything crazy that would cause impact there. I’ll have to see how big it is when I receive it and figure out how well it will fit.


I am going out on a limb here…but what about under a nipple?


Found at least magnet done on the knife edge…

As for nipples, check about blood veins and whatnot, but I bet it’s fine.


Recognizing that I’m sure you’re spending a lot of time and energy and effort getting this one right (and thank you again for it!), can you tell us if a smaller magnet with a different shape more conducive to sensing is also on the long-term road-map?


If you’re going to do that in my opinion its easier just to get a piercing, gauge it up a bit and then put it inbetween some hallow acrylic jewelry.

(damn, you all know I can chest bump my door open as the reader’s at the right height)


I’d worry about slamming that part of my hand down on something. You know when some people get really angry (me), they can make split second dumb decisions like slamming a hand down on a table, hitting a wall, etc


Hey JamesW,

I never laughed so hard seeing your comment about the chest bump, you’re very funny :slight_smile:



is it possible that you could damage the ulnar nerve in any way or is it far away enough to be safe