xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations


So its in, its definitely larger than an xEM or xNT.


How was it? Any more pain than the xEM or xNT?


I am planning to put my xG3 into the tip of the middle finger of my right hand, proximal side. I have large hands and it should fit just fine. I cpnsider this to be the best location for sensory and lifting functions.

This will be my fourth magnet, but the first from Dangerous Things. My greatest hope is that it won’t lose strength after six months in vivo.


Yeah the needle for the xG3 hurt a bit more but it was nothing unbearable. Not much pain if any after.


Met with my piercer today. Install next weekend. We decided to place it here:


I think I’ll put it here too.
I’m waiting for Monday to place it.


So to follow up, I installed mine on Thursday 5/23, its now Sunday 5/26 and I still have some swelling around the implant. Skin is also off-color yellowish so its still in the healing stages. Not sure if its cause of the placement next to my wrist tendons/nerves or just cause of the larger size but it does give me some pain & soreness when i bend/flex my wrist in full range of motion. The magnet strength hasn’t really impressed me so far although I expect it to really improve after swelling process stops. Here are some photos.


I placed the xG3 almost where @trossman placed it a couple of minutes ago. At the pinky side of the wrist, just below where the skin will wrinkle if you move the hand.
I chose this placement because fingers are to bony and the side of the palms below the pinky/thumb is gettin’ smashed all the time.
You’ll probably need some kind of help, like a couple of hands, if you choose an arm/hand placement. I’m fortunate enough to have a nurse girlfriend that knows her needles.
I will come back in couple of days with an update.


I am getting mine next month. I am torn between the knife edge of my hand and the back of my hand between the tendons of my pinky and ring finger. I hope someone chimes in between now and then with some insight.


Looks like it’s going on my penis.


Please report back with that location! Particularly if you have trouble grilling tightly.


I made the mistake of opening that image at work :no_mouth:


This kind of feedback is exactly what we’re looking for. The reality is that the glass is thick and this will be much more robust than other coatings but it will also cause the inverse cube law to cut down on field strength as the objects you want to lift with it will not be able to get as close to the magnet’s surface as they might with other coatings… but the question we are asking here is - is it worth us making more of these. We want to get feedback from everyone (if possible) to know if we can improve things or if, overall, it’s just not that impressive.


any update bud


It’s been three days since implant day. I left the patch on till today and haven’t really noticed it.
The healing seems to go well. No bruising, itching or any other minor “problem”.
I know I should let it rest and settle for at least two weeks before I play with it but I couldn’t resist to try it out today. It can hold 3 clips, even if I walk around. Don’t know the weight but it seems promising I think.
@amal what kind of strength of the magnet can we expect if the placement is near perfect under the skin?


Have you tried sensing AC current?


@b1111 you seem to have had much less swelling around it then I got. Lifting 3 paper clips after 2 days is great! Its taken 5-7 days for my swelling to go down completely.

So I played around with some head inserts for my little electronics screwdriver tool. Can easily pick up one head
(it will only lift in 2 different orientations)

Took a while of messing around and some frustration but I finally got 2 heads to lift. Although very delicately.

Wish I had a weight scale to measure everything. The magnet seems to prefer 2 different orientations either horizontal attracting the object along its whole length or vertical where the object attracts at the upmost tip of the magnet.

Also I now have some slight pain & soreness in my wrist, around the magnet, after playing around & lifting stuff for 10 minutes. Maybe putting the magnet right next to the tendons in my wrist wasn’t the best idea…:confused:

Next test is going to be putting my wrist close to/ up against my power meter on side of house. Also blowdryers are supposed to have high magnetic fields.


If you want to test the sensing capabilities, I would definitely try it next to a microwave oven. The magnetron is usually located in the top right of the oven behind the keypad. It’s specifically set up to be erratic so that you don’t get standing waves in the microwave chamber, so you can really feel it with a magnet implant. Induction cooktops are also a good test. You just need to make sure that there is in fact a pot or other load on the cooktop, or the field won’t be generated.


i whus abut to ask the same lol


I got mine installed this last Saturday (a couple days ago) in the default location between the index and thumb. It was injected using the needle by a professional and it’s healing without any complications. It’s parallel and everything. No veins hit during the process, yet it sits right at the Y of where a vein splits off. I woke up this morning and grabbed my phone. When I was setting it down with the screen on, I noticed my palm tingling. I closed my eyes and moved the top edge of my Galaxy S9+ up and down about a half inch off of my palm and I was getting tingles in those general areas, despite the xG3 being so far away. I tested a standard romex cable going to a live outlet and I can simply touch the insulated cable with my fingertips of the same hand it’s installed on and feel tingly vibrations seemingly from the tip of my fingers, but it sort-of spiders back to my magnet very faintly. Touching a disconnected romex cable doesn’t yield any results unless it’s touching up against another romex cable running parallel to it. Using my right hand as a control I get no results from either cable. No tingle. No vibrations. Even though it hasn’t had a month (let-alone a week) to heal, I’m very excited. I was worried about the glass, the smaller magnet and being in a non nerve rich area further from my fingertips. I texted my buddy at 3am and was so excited I forgot that I wasn’t going to hit send until the morning and I slapped the send button.