xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations


I tried it on the circuit breaker box and it only senses vibrations/tingling when I put my hand against the panel touching the switches. It works further away by an inch or so, but much more faintly. Putting my hand over the condenser fan motor of our air conditioner unit at our small shop and it was definitely vibrating in my hand without touching the top of the unit where the motor is suspended. I removed my hand after about 10 seconds because my hand began to hurt. Probably because my hand hasn’t healed internally and it was vibrating against unhealed flesh. Just a wild guess.


Just a minor update nine days after implant day.
No problems whatsoever, but I’m starting to question the placement and the depth. Maybe it’s to close to all the tendons, to deep and whatnot. Not that I’m worried or anything but you know. We’ll see how it feels and behaves in a couple of days when its “healed”.
Besides that I get no tingeling with microwaves or electric currents. Just this weird feeling if I lift something. But I have never been sensitive to anything. But I can lift five clips… two more since a couple of days ago. :v:
As a side note my five year old xNT NFC chip is readable again


is the xnt around the same spot as the xg3 and thank you so much for the update i may be buying this soon jest to try out myself and love how everyone is keeping us all that dont have one yet updated.


Has anyone thought about the webbing between your thumb and index finger but on the palm side instead of the top of your hand? I’m sure there might be some complication with tendons or veins but that’s where I would want to put my magnet.


My xNT is placed in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. I thought it was broken for a couple of years but it was bad NFC readers on the phones I’ve used between the OP1 and Pixel 3.
Hope you get the xg3 in the second beta wave.
I’ll post as long as there’s a need for it.


Its not a good idea to put it someplace that is going to constantly moving or where it’s going to between your body and an object. Think about swinging a hammer, using a broom or shovel, or riding a bike… The implant will be in between the handle and your hand. It will probably be pretty irritating. One of mine is still on the top side, but close to the edge of the webbing and it can get irritated using certain things (in particular a cordless drill). My other one that is further away (closer to the center of the hand but still in the webbing) I never have an issue with.


I have my xG3 magnet implanted since last Wednesday. The needle hurt slightly more than a xBT or xNT needle, but that is not surprising with that size. I have no bruising until now, no pain, only a swelling. I was able to lift an paperclip through the plaster immediately after implantation. Today I’ve made one short attempt with one (Euro) cent coin and it works also perfectly.
Interesting was my experience yesterday evening while preparing dinner when I came a little closer to my microwave oven. My xG3 was about 15cm away but I felt some tingling directly on the magnet and surrounding area! I’m very happy with the healing progress and I’m curious if the tingling gets stronger within the next couple of weeks/months?!
(Big thanks to Dangerous Things and @amal for creating the xG3 Beta… because a little while ago I thought that I might not get any chance soon for a magnet implant)
Have a great weekend, I’ll keep you updated.


I assume it is in your hand somewhere? Where did you have it implanted?


Just a quick question for Amal or anyone else at DT that may know, does the xG3 needle have lubricant?


Yes it does. Installation goes muuuuch better if you install bevel down, toward the skin. If not, it will scoop up skin and catch on the bevel… it’s tough to get through the skin if you don’t.


So I’m just curious, with all the talk about placement. What is your personal suggested place to implant the xG3


I implanted mine 2 days ago I decided the side of my arm would be the best location for it. Ive had no pain so far just some Slight swelling on the first day but nothing crazy. The magnet strength is about what you’d expect I can lift a few paperclips with it. I got another magnet and put it near my skin just because I was curious and it had a nice little pull (I know I shouldn’t play with it yet I just couldn’t resist) I haven’t been able to sense anything yet but Overall 5 out of 5 stars it was so much faster and a lot less painful then the magnet in my finger and for a magnet that id think would mostly go under thin skin it has pretty good strength although I feel it could defiantly be stronger.


I’m sorry for the late response, but I had too much work the past days…
Yes you are correct, my xG3 is implanted in my left hand. I haven’t mentioned the exact location because it is implanted in a normally not recommended location of the hand. I didn’t want to give someone in this forum any (maybe bad) idea for a location. At least I haven’t seen this area by now from other beta testers… My preparation was very much planning just because of the uncommon (for a glass implant) location. I asked at least two doctors if it might fit where I wanted my xG3, one of them made some scans and tests of my preferred implantation area and this doctor (my husband) made this implantation in an very professional surrounding. My regular update on the healing process and performance of the magnet is coming very soon right here. So if someone wants to know more to the location at the moment contact me. Thanks for your patience!


I got mine yesterday! My installer felt he could be more precise with a scalpel than the injector, so I got it done with a Flex-style pocket. Super clean installation and it doesn’t hurt at all unless I accidentally put pressure on it. It’s placed on top of the bone leading to the pinkie, and so far I’m a big fan of the location. With my palm down, I can stick things on the top of the hand to prevent them from rolling off. With palm up, I can easily lift objects. Best of both worlds. So far I don’t have any tendon interference - all my fingers are moving properly and pain free! - but that’s my main concern as it heals, and I’ll be watching closely.

As others have reported, it seems pretty darn weak. I can barely lift one paperclip. I figure this will improve as it heals and the swelling goes down, and moreover, this is absolutely the right tradeoff to make: I’d much prefer a super-well-encapsulated but weaker magnet to a stronger-but-riskier implant. But if you’re looking for a strong magnet, this isn’t the one for you.

Will report back in a few weeks once it’s all healed up.


I assume it is to the right of the incision parallel with and in between the 4th and fifth metacarpal?


Definitely to the right of the incision, but I’m a little unclear as to exactly where it’s ended up - it’s still settling and I’m hesitant to poke it too much to figure out exactly where. But it seems to be on top of / slightly to the left of the 5th metacarpal.


I am very interested in the location that you have implanted it. I would just let you know that my judgement will come from whether I belive it’s a good location for me or not and I’m also thinking about getting some doctor advice myself. However I want my magnet mostly for sensing but chose the g3 due to its coating as it’s the most safe.


I was inspired by Rich Lee’s headphone implants so on May 31st I decided to have the xG3 implanted in the tragus, the tissue in front of my left ear.
Does it work as subdermal mono headphone? Yes, I can hear audio when I hold a coil of copper wire attached to an amplifier next to the xG3. I still need to experiment with the coil so the EM field is strong enough to wear the coil around my neck under a shirt.



Oh man, that is excellent news. Now you’ve piqued my interest. I might have to get one.

This use-case plays to all of the xG3’s strengths and doesn’t suffer from most of it’s weaknesses.

One thought regarding improving coil performance. You should switch to a much thinner gauge (enamel coated) wire, maybe ~30AWG. Then you can make hundreds of turns.


Hello! Thank you for the interest in my experience with the xG3. I have it mplanted for a little bit over two weeks now and I’m very happy with the magnet! (So happy that I pre-ordered another one) and since I saw the great news of @Vicarious that it work also like headphones… (Simply cool!) well I think I definitely would buy even two more xG3 just for this purpose!

But coming back to the sensing thing. My opinion is that at least somewhere in the hand is the best location for this purpose. The vibration that the xG3 makes near many electric things I’ve tried by now is easy to feel and it gets stronger day by day. So I think there are many good locations for it in the hand (the upper side is the best way to have it without problems if you want to be able to hold magnetic things in your hand without having this permanent feeling to be pulled to this thing)

I’m currently writing on a description what I tried so far with the xG3 and I will add some photos this time too. Then you see it.