Using xG3 to add a digital sense

I was thinking about @Vicarious’s “subdermal mono headphone” implant (post here) and the North Sense implantable compass.

You should be able to essentially add a “digital sense” by doing exactly what @Vicarious did but putting the implant in a more touch sensitive area or perhaps somewhere close to a convenient point for the external coil. Then if you transmit a vibration or waveform in sync to something some sensor most of the time and theoretically you could end up with a “choose your own sense”

I can think of so many things you could sync it to a:

  • compass (like the North Sense) to develop a internal sense of direction
  • clock to develop a accurate internal clock
  • any part of the electromagnetic spectrum so you could feel those fields
  • silent phone notification essentially a remote “vibrate”
  • various sensors like pressure, humidity, air quality
  • Morse code style communication
  • any web data feed
  • etc…

I don’t have any magnet implants yet so I don’t have much practical insight, so this could all be sleep deprived crazy talk :crazy_face:

The main unanswered questions I see is:

  • What implant locations would work best for this kind of application?
  • Would an xG3 actually be able to act as a sense over time, like some people experience with sensing magnets?
  • Would you need to keep the external device on you 24/7 to not mess with this new sense.
  • Would you retain some of the senses such as the compass if you stopped using the device after a long period of constantly being aware of your heading.

What do you people think?


I would love something that could help me develop a sense of direction that’s less invasive and problematic than North Sense for sure haha

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