xG3 injection process

Hey guys I’m planning to get an xG3v1 and I’m curious how the injection process works. Are there maybe some instructions on that?

Professional guide to x-series injectable product installation

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Thank you that’s what I was looking for

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I’m not sure if you have decided WHERE you plan to have it installed, but this may give you some ideas

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Thank you
I guess fingertip would make the most sense if I want to use it for sensing too right?

You’re right, fingertips are the best location for sensing, due to the amount of nerves in the area.

But watch out, the xG3 is quite big to have in the fingertip, although some have managed to fit it in.
I have a xG3 (v2 so lifting) but in the knife edge of the hand.

For fingertips, the Titan might be a better fit.


It is indeed really big, the needle is really invasive and not suited for fingertips.

If you have big big hands it might work but is not really worth the risk

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Well I do have quite big fingers
why is the titan better, isn’t the xG3 quite slim?
The reason why I chose the xG3 is that I’m not sure if it would be legal to get it implanted using a scalpel by a body artist in my country and I’ve got a lot of experience piercing others and myself so I was planning on doing it myself or let a friend do it and that would be a lot easier with the injection

xG3 : 3mm x 15mm
Titan : 4.5mm diameter x 2.8mm

The Titan is 3 times smaller.

The 15mm length of the xG3 will be a problem. Draw a rectangle with these dimensions on your fingertip and check. And precise placement with a needle injector in the fingertip will be very difficult if not impossible. Imagine the diameter of the needle.

For a fingertip magnet, scalpel implantation is really the only option.

Where are you located?

Sometimes it’s the local anesthesia that’s “illegal” rather than the procedure itself. I don’t know waht county you’re talking about though