XG3 v1 implant location for sensing?

Hi! I’m very new to implants and all of this, but I heard of the XG3 a while ago, and decided I want to get one. Now, my primary goal is sensing (frankly I don’t see much use for lifting), I know that the XG3 v1 isn’t great for sensing, but, as I mentioned earlier, I’m new to this, and I feel a bit more comfortable with the injector, especially since I’ll have to do it myself (with a partner, of course), a professional isn’t possible due to covid / cost. That brings me to my question:

Where is the best place to implant the XG3 v1 for sensing, while being easy for a beginner?

I’ve read that many people put it close to the ends of their fingers as there are more nerves, but would that add complications to the installation? I’ve thought about putting it in-between the index and thumb, like in this video:

But how would it effect the sensing capabilities? What about what hand I put it in? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :smile:

SO the xG3v1 is the better option of the 2 xG3’s for sensing.
If you really want sensing, I would recommend you seriously consider the Titan ( I understand the price and installation procedure may not be acceptable for you)
For announcements of when the next batch is being launched, keep an eye on this thread

To answer your questions I would suggest you check out this thread, even though the Titan implant discussed, it is a sensing magnet and the better sensing areas are mentioned throughout the thread

and this one

Hopefully, you will get some further suggestions from some actual Magnetos…( I don’t have any so I cant give you anything but anecdotal advice )

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Thank you

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Odd question here, So have the xG3 v1 in the 5 position, I didn’t think that I needed lift and the goal was sensing. However after lifting with it on accident I now want to get the V2. How far apart do the magnets need to be so they do not interfere with each other or worse try to connect?

They need to be significantly distanced from each other… at least 20mm I’d guess.

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Definitely glad I asked. Now to work out the placement details. Is there any distance the xG3 should be away from other implants?

You’re asking a very difficult question with a lot of variables. Amal can’t really give you a specific answer because understanding magnetic fields is basically a dark art. I can give you a rough idea, but please don’t take anything I say as an official recommendation. We really can’t give one. These are the absolute minimum values, so please try and exceed them. Keep in mind the xG3 v2 is a much stronger magnet in every respect than the xG3 v1.

xG3 v1:

xG3 v2:


Well got any recommendations for placement? I have things in both 0&5 on both hands, where else could a magnet go that it would still be useful. Maybe the wrist.mag