3D Antenna Coil

So I’ve been searching through the forums kind of gathering ideas and gaining new information that would apply to projects I plan to work on once I have my NExT and xDF2 installed (self installed my Spark 2 about 6 days ago in my forearm because I’m impatient - healing well, no migration :crossed_fingers:t5:). One that I was thinking of building is an electromagnet Mjölnir.

My idea involves putting the antenna in the handle so yesterday when I came across this design on Hackaday, it drew my attention.

Would an antenna of this design even be feasible and worth attempting to create?


Honest answer is it may work, the highest point of flux will be in the center of the tube but this could well be a way to create a less position sensitive reader.

That and some more ideas for you in

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I wonder if you would get a dilution effect. Instead of a sweet spot and weak elsewhere, you might just get mediocre coupling everywhere.

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The name is misleading. There are in fact 3 antennas that are multiplexed - see this comment from the page:

There is only one reader, and one by one coil is selected by the analog switch.

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I know is is slightly off,but does using silver make any difference?

I appreciate the responses received.

I apologize. I found the link on my phone and missed some of the included information until later.

Saw your post in this thread which is what gave me the idea of incorporating this style of sensor with it specifically near the base of the handle so it would be less obvious. The two main ones I’ve seen created use a finger print reader or they short the circuit (Canadians). The flat space is perfect for a normal reader but it limits how you can grab it if that makes sense. Truthfully when I saw this my mind first went towards my motorcycle handle but thought it might not be ideal…

The dilution effect / increased range of read orientation is what interested me in this. I will have to leave this on the back burner until I get my desk back together otherwise I have nowhere to work on this.

Not sure what you mean by silver…