Need help noob (fake magic)

I just got my ULTRON upgrade bundle in the mail today and I’m pumped. My main intent is to use my implants for MAGIC TRICKS and some access control in the the future! I have a general working knowledge of NFC (mainly because the NFC Tools app has been easy to use so far) but I really lack knowledge of how to use and program the RFID side of my NEXT. I’m also completely lost on the VIVOKEY. I have found some YouTube tutorials but I’m not getting the level of instruction I need.

TL;DR Ignorant magician in need of programming and start up help. Any advise/ assistance is appreciated!



The Ultron, great kit, I am however surprised you didn’t go for an xG3? Magicians would have a great number of “tricks up their sleeves” So to speak. ( Unless you already have one /some)
I am going to try and keep this pretty basic for you, If you want / need more info, just ask.
Very quickly


So lets call what you are talking about LF or 125kHz or xEM
Programming wise, you may or may not need to, also if you do, you have a couple of options
Not Need To: If what you are interacting with is LF, and it is EM mode and you own it, you can probably just enroll it into the equipment
Need to If what you are interacting with is LF, but it is in another mode eg. indala or HID you will need to change the mode to match ( Programming )
Tools Generally if you need to change your xEM to HID mode, you could PROBABLY get away with a Blue cloner ( I could expand, but lets keep it simple, so Search the forum for things to be aware of ) if you need any other modes, you will probably need a Proxmark ( Easy $60 or RDV4 $300 )


Things to consider, with your Ulton Kit, It is awesome, and this is hindsight, but for Magic :mage: I would have recommended for you a flex device, The reason being is for the extended range. so your interaction will be more hands off, with your current implants you with likely need to touch what you are interacting with.
Your phone and NFC will obviously give you some options, but with some lock I will suggest you could build props around them, but a FLEX will give you some better effects.
these are spring loaded, they do some LF versions but HF are more abundent
The HF ones I think are compatible with the HF - xNT side of your NExT, I have a couple but they are at work so I don’t have access to them, and I haven’t tried to enroll them…

These are also spring loaded but not as strong, these are normally LF and also EM so you will be able to enroll directly without a programmer

For more examples, just search your usual online shopping stores, Amazon, eBay, aliexpress.

The Vivokey Spark 2 is capable of the same as the NExTs - xNT and more.
So for your purposes of Magic, it would replicate what the xNT does, with a slight twist.
I assume you have downloaded the Vivokey App ( Android only currently )
For more info this is where you want to go

And the forum to read through ( which you can use to login to with your Spark2 and this forum also BTW - INSTRUCTIONS)

That should hopefully give you some good building blocks, and when you get your head around it, come back and ask for more info we can attempt to expand for you


Wow, thank you so much! I have a lot to learn- I’ll keep progress posted here. Your response was super informative but I would be lying if I said it didn’t leave me with a lot more questions!

The close range isn’t a huge issue since most of the magic I perform is hands on street/close-up magic. However, with the current, temporary, end of the world I haven’t implanted my pieces yet and I’m open to the idea of the flex but my main concern has been getting it installed properly (as I said before I’m completely new to this world and while I’m excited to become part cyborg I still have some trepidation about inserting “less commonly approved” devices in my body) with that said I do have tattoos that are only good for one trick (albeit a good one) so I’m not apposed to altering myself for the sake of entertainment.


So not common knowledge, but there is the POSSIBILITY ( contact and confirm with Amal ) of the DT Flex Needle with the purchase of a flex implant ( Wont do the FlexEM obviously )
Which should open up, opportunities with installers a bit easier, as they are more familiar with Large needles

image @Sijaka

The Laser Marking I circled, I believe is a “depth gauge” @ 80mm??? I think.
Also where are you based, do you have, or have you lined up an installer?


So, I was considering but I had two big questions with that:

  1. Is it (xg3) just a magnet that is safe under the skin or does it serve other functions as well- not that it needs to, there is never a shortage of uses for magnets in magic, I just wasn’t sure.
  2. I know Dangerous Things NEVER advocates putting anything anywhere that isn’t the recommended thumb crotch webbing. But HYPOTHETICALLY where could someone put an Xg3 or Flex if the two thumb crotches are already taken? I have read through a few posts on here about real estate issues and I didn’t know if implants could be butted up against each other or how to get them in me without doing it myself (not sure of any body mod specialists near me).

Eastern Kansas, super close to the Missouri state line.
I have not line anyone up yet. I plan on making some phone calls in the morning but with tattoo/piercing shops near me being mostly closed I’m not sure what I’ll be able to find.


Yes. Glass coated magnet. No RFID capabilities.

They need at least 5mm clearance. Magnets may negatively impact the read range of a implant though I don’t know if the xG3 would be strong enough to be noticeable.


Haha, Not laughing at you, but that is good, I haven’t heard that before! I like it.

You say JUST, but yeah, it is only a magnet, that has taken a lot of development, I believe the best “strength” to size, balancing out the size of the magnet with the thickness of the encapsulation.
personally I don’t have one or need one, and In my mind, when I think of implantable magnets, I think magicians, but others seem to have them for “party tricks” and some have had success as sense magnets.
@SurvivalMistakes implanted one as a method to magnetize :magnet: an object in a survival situation that I quite liked. HERE

Not quite, There are quite a few examples, but best to direct you to @leumas95 great placement Wiki


Nobody On the DT partner map unfortunately

But check out ( and check in ) on the Where’s everybody from?
You might find some info or contacts on there that can help you out

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All the information you guys have shared is fantastic and much appreciated. I don’t want to overstep but are either of you or anyone else available for a call/video meeting to discuss options (I don’t mean right now just any time in the future). I know the methodology for what I would like to do but I don’t have the knowledge of how to make it happen. Books/the internet/ and talking to people like you, who know more than me, is the only way I have ever learned anything of value. So I would love to discuss these ideas further if anyone is interested. If not, that’s totally cool too. I’m going to continue being a part of this forum and trying to learn all that I can about this super cool world I never knew existed outside of sci-fi.

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“Just” is definitely not the correct choice. I in no way intended to downgrade the awesomeness of all of this tech.


Haha, I know, just jokes :wink: I only said that, because I know how much work and development went into the production of it…
A call would be fine, I am currently GMT+12, ( 1830 as I type ) I still think it would be easier on here to direct you to suitable threads and videos, and you then have a recorded record, and others may benefit from your question and the answers you receive, but OTY.


I’m happy to chat also. I’m up all the time :sweat_smile:


Until Covid, I was actually going to be in KC in July this year


Do you know what the approximate range of flexEM and/or FlexNT is? It would be super sexy to be able to hold my hand/forearm above a phone and direct it to some predicted card website or image (or even transfer my business card) without touching their phone.

Dang, I would have loved to meet someone else with this interest. Maybe I’ll get out to a CON one of these days



FlexEM one

FlexEM is a different / wider profile due to the Frequency


I feel if you put a magnet where my xLED is, you could use that to “hold” an object if you wanted. I think that would be one of the main points to have it there.
You could put it in your hand and wave over small things to move them with your mind.

Put one in each hand, move a small metal ball left or right on command.


I think just about everyone on here is super passionate about this stuff and is open to talk. I would personally be interested in your magic ideas as I’ve been getting into magic lately. Anyways I wanted to point out the slack as a place to chat with other people with similar interests.

It’s been mentioned that there’s some sort of Discord channel to, but I’ve never seen any links posted.


As if by magic.