Can someone explain the difference to me?

So, I recently purchased xSIID and the Xg3. I went with an NFC chip for my first, as it seemed a bit more user friendly since I can read and write from my phone. With that being said, I’d like to grab the NeXT in the future and have been looking into readers/writers to utilize the RFID side of the implant. I noticed a lot of ppl using the Proxmark, which to me, seems like I’m basically reading a different language when I see it in use. I saw someone online using a reader/writer that they purchased on Amazon

Could someone explain to me the difference ? Could I get away with using that if I’m just doing simple projects? As it seems a lot easier to use. Sorry…I’m a noob lol

Pilgrimsmaster will say it soon, but the white cloner has problems. He’ll link the post :slight_smile:
These cloners usually dont have a very good connection to the chip and can destroy xEMs (part of next) under weird circumstances.

Cloners are simple tools to do one job, if a white cloner is a knife… the PM3 is a scalpel… if that makes sense.

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K he stopped typing…

Here’s the post. EDIT: oops wrong one but as I said, Pilgrimsmaster shared the right one.

The PM3 is a tool that allows everything, you can talk to the chip on a much lower level. You can send the chip single commands of what to do, while these cloners just have some sequences set up to clone cards.

The white cloner is especially bad, there are tons of versions and they tend to brick chips due to poor connection.

Whatever, go for the PM3 people here or on the discord will help you with it!


No need to apologise. and Welcome!!!

Understandable, and yes it can be intimidating.

Basically the Proxmark is the default industry standard, that is capable of doing almost everything you wold need for your implants

The White cloner is a “one trick pony”
It is definitely not the best or reccomended option. ( The biggest reason is the password it puts on your implant, more information will be found with the thread links below and in the link @yeka posted above)

Yes you could, but you need to be aware of the limitations and quirks.
Have a read through this

If you decide to go for the White cloner, Just make sure you get the “Zonsin” model with the Red background , NOT the OBDHands with the Blue background.
“Zonsin” model with the Red background

A similar option for your “LF programming” which is slightly better than the White cloner, although the white cloner you can put your own data into it for writing and the blue cloner you need something to copy so you can write… ( The Blue cloner also puts on a password, also explained in the thread links )

Although it looks like DT are out of stock again, and I think they may no longer be restocking it :man_shrugging:t3:

if you choose the Blue Cloner
this will help also

Please be aware, even though they look the same on the surface, they may not be under the hood. Ideally you want to track down the 3 mode option, EM, HID and AWID

The ProxMark is the better option and would be most peoples recommendation to you, but I understand your hesitation.
But for what you want, the other options should do what you want.

On the Horizon is the Flipper Zero, but we have limited information on usability with implants.
At the moment it looks like it works with HF implants, so therefore LF SHOULD also work, but we just can’t confirm that until somebody here gets their hands on one…
check out this thread for more info and links to the product page

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Haha, I just went to check the DT store for the Blue Cloner ( It is out of stock again )

This is good advice

If I recall correctly the Blue Cloner was removed from the store because for a little bit more money you can get the Proxmark3 Easy that is much better.

Unless something changed it seems the Blue Cloner will no longer be in stock on the Dangerous Things store.


You / We are 100% correct, I recalled that also, but just after that post Amal ( Michelle ) also dug out the last of the stock, and now that has clearly sold out

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Yeah if they are out of stock they are out for good… the proxmark3 is the only tool we will bother with now since a cheap but effective version of it is available in the PM3 Easy configuration.

Welp, it looks like I’ll just have to get the proxmark and then bug someone here for the help. Cuz it intimidates me, I can’t even lie :joy:

It’s super easy. Just follow this guide to set it up

If you have an Android phone you can even use it with the RRG app

It’s still basically a terminal, but it is pretty handy.

The built in help is pretty solid so you can always add --help to any command.

The app also works with the Chameleon, and a variety of other readers.

Something that needs to be made much more clear about the Android proxmark3 client is that, like any other client, is you need to ensure the firmware on your proxmark is the correct version. There are methods for updating the firmware on your proxmark built into the Android client app however these are compiled for the RDV4. I haven’t yet seen a way to ensure a generic platform like the Easy has the correct firmware version. I suppose if they declared the version number it might be possible to go to GitHub and pull down the same version and compile it for your platform and then flash it with a desktop client, then it should work properly with the Android client. I’ve just had a lot of problems getting the Android client to work with my Easy due to firmware mismatch problems.

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I keep my firmware current using a desktop client and haven’t had any obvious issues with the android client.

It is currently compiled with GitHub commit c13ad9d of the Proxmark3 client. It would be useful if they made that information more readily available. (And even more useful if they made it more easily understood than a git commit number.

Using the Proxmark3 Easy with my phone is a lot more portable than using it with a computer, I use my phone for quick things and if I am not at home.

The last time I tried it, it kept returning some random love frequency tag ID every time I’d run a search even if there were no tags anywhere near it. It didn’t really make me want to trust it all that much.

I get that… There are certain commands I avoid auto and lf search are problematic.

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Using RFID Tools on my S21 and my PM3Easy
My LF search is very innacurate.
this is my NExT implant.

The Emulation mode is wrong and it looks like a rolling UID
both incorrect, all 3 reads

Out of curiosity, Is there a way to make a stand alone PM3 easy that behaves like a blue cloner? Maybe connect a power bank to it and press the button for a read and again for a write?

that is the long “side” usb port (if you have that version)

This may be worth checking out as a starter

And the all important button. This is used for standalone mode but you will need to reflash your Proxmark3 if you want a different standalone mode