Chip installation near Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Im wondering if anyone near Milwaukee Wisconsin has gotten their chip installed (NExT or similar) near Milwaukee? If you have it would be greatly appricated if you could tell me who and where. Im not planning on getting one now but sometime in the next 12 months I am planning on getting one.

This might be worth a read for you.
I will leave it here whilst I do some digging for you.

So if you hadn’t already checked out the partner map
looks like your closest is still a good distance away

But you still would want to call/message before you went.

Of course just because somebody is not on the partner map doesn’t mean they can’t do it.

check out this guide on “how to approach an installer” and try some body piercers in your area.

it might also be worth trawling through this thread to find somebody “Near” you that you can @ask or DM