Come on down to crazy Amal's flex-o-ramma-ramma!

what, like this?


hah… my conversion got a blinky added due to all the dead space. I’m still waiting on its arrival but it should be awesome


@amal you considered trying to make any implants out of lab 401 chips? Like the emulators they have for DF and NTAG chips?

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I have… but those prices… holy shit… I would have to make one of these flex conversion like… one of the most expensive flex implants of all time… and any conversion failures would be like… well a financial disaster… and right now I’m not even sure what the antenna requirements would be… so yes I’ve considered it… but it’s pretty low on my prio list at the moment.

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I wonder if something similar to this would help the NFC signal come through my phone case? Something like that inside the case where the phone antenna matches up possibly. Then I would mark on the outside the perpendicular spot to line up to the chip. I may have to try some experimentation too… :wink:

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Can two tank circuits be connected?
One inside case. One outside.
Maybe sharing a capacitor?

That is a fantastic looking implant there! Thanks for taking the time to look into it for me

What’s that I see in the background? Did you already make a batch of FlexNext ready for sale? :slight_smile:

hah yeah just two for now… i am still playing… but i will have some of this stuff up on “the lab” category this week.


I count three baggies. Don’t you lie to us now… :slight_smile:

Maybe one is that M1 + NT that he showed earlier?

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M1k would be good. I can’t say the NTAG216 raises my blood pressure much…

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I hear ya, but I already have an xM1 with my work badge cloned to it. It’s fussy on some readers, but I have to wear my badge for security policy anyway and it’s on a reel. Wouldn’t really be useful to me, at least an NTAG works on everyone’s phone for showing off at the bar

I don’t know what to say.
This looks awesome!

See this all of this, this entire thread is just one of the reasons I am a DT / VivoKey customer for life!


Just saying… You can put NDEF data on a mifare classic and read it with any phone just the same as the ntags afaik. Might only work on NXP reader chips (android), not sure.
But yeah the M1 has more storage (1kB vs 888B) and a changeable UID :man_shrugging: it’s great for applications that only use the UID cause you can still Rick roll with it :sweat_smile:

I use a surprising number of devices that actually require an M1k. Hence my interest. Also, yeah… changeable UID.

Damn this thread!

I thought that there would be no real reason that I would need a chip with a changeable UID.

Now I just want one…

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You’re correct on that, and that’s what killed it for me! It’s not a standard NFC type x chip, its NXP’s custom format of storing the data on the tag to put on something thats basically an NDEF record. Works on a lot of things, yes, but not all!

Okay, I thought it was weird that my coil worked so poorly. So I actually measured it with the LC meter and it was an order of magnitude off the mark: I had sized it for 2 or 3 μH, but it really was 28 μH. No idea why…

Anyhow, I soldered a 5 pF cap instead to bring the tank to 13.56 MHz, and sure enough, now it works. I get significant performance improvements with it. Check it out: