Cool NFC Tasks Uses

I have a hard time finding interesting uses of NFC Tasks (
I’m impressed by Small Ethereum wallet app on NFC but if this stuff (complex interaction with apis) is possible, there should be other cool stuff aswell?

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Hi @yeka,

Imagination is the limit I guess. :slight_smile: You can integrate easily with IoT devices and much more via IFTTT in more secure and painless way then programming you own locks, doors etc. (just an opinion).

My example for Vivokey Spark 2 auth, with IFTTT behind is in this thread:

IFTTT support possibility

So, whatever you can program your server side to do, NFC client can just fetch and stay light.



I used IFTTT and Taskr and stick on NFC tags to do all sorts of things like power on my PC when I get home, turn on and off lights as I enter and leave the house, even using them in my car to turn my GPS on on my phone and start music playing…granted these were using my phone as the reader but you could pick any one of these things, set up a reader, and use it…Amal uses his fancier implant like a remote start for his motorcycle and remote open for his garage door