Small Ethereum wallet app on NFC

Hi all,

I made a small “app” that I always wanted - ETH wallet on NFC chip :smile:

If anyone is interested I can make a short tutorial.

Video demo on Youtube



Very awesome.

Strike while the Iron is Hot.
I think definitely, There will be a few people interested

FYI @Vihor
If you havent seen it, you may be interested in @MouSkxy crypto cold storage tutorial

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@Pilgrimsmaster Yup, seen it. It is just a address storage, tho. I made this specifically to send, receive, and create new addresses on the fly. I will do the same for BTC when I get time, but emulating a full wallet is the goal.

All together it’s 25 tasks or 861 Bytes, converted to task profile for easy loading.

  • Security tips:
    Whitelisting your nfc device
    Using password for decription of private key
    Using SSL to communicate to server
    App is now on rinkeby test net, so it’s safe to play with.

If someone wants to get some faucet eth to play with the app, you can do so here:

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@Pilgrimsmaster So, here it is as promised:

Full tutorial with the video is included (and code ofc).

Thinking about making custom password manager with similar logic - light app on NFC, private server on the back.

I believe this approach is more then reasonably secure at this point for x series.


Awesome, thanks, I will check that out.

I followed the faucet link, but I’m not yet ready to sell my soul and get on the social media bandwagon.
Looks like I’ll have to buy or mine it like everybody else :wink:

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Just post it and then delete the tweet :smiley:

I can actually use the app to send you test ETH :slight_smile: Whats your ETH address on Rinkeby (not main network)?

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DM’d you.
Thanks very much.
I shall keep my soul for another day :ghost:

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I love this! The only problem is I have no ethereum


DM me your rinkeby address and I will send some to you for testing (using the app) :wink:


Thats not why I said it :sweat_smile: I wouldn’t want to take money out of your pocket

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Hahahaha no no it’s on test network, so it’s test ETH. Thats why it’s called faucet :slight_smile: you can get it for free when developing on blockchain to test your app. :slight_smile: So, I’m not giving you money from my pocket :wink:

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I give it away cause I would appreciate feedback on the app, and maybe make it better somehow :slight_smile:


i didn’t spot you said rinkeby Doh!

Right first up i’m a stickler for documentation all my comments are my own opinion so feel free to say no :smiley:

  • What are you using to run the server and how to set it up? if you want it to be useful to non technical people it would be worth explaining how exactly to setup the server side, can you use heroku?

  • Nowhere in the video did you show NFC tasks.

  • Can you create empty variables in NFC tasks?

  • “Whitelisting your NFC chip” how?

That’s all iv’e got for the moment, hope you don’t think i’m being picky like i said love it but proper / full documentation could polish this off.


It’s all good. I wrote down a nice readme on github, so here are my short answers:

  • Everything is in the repository I linked in this thread. The whole server setup etc. Yes, this server setup is hosted at heroku with nodejs build pack. You can use free dyno, but I suggest getting SSL on the domain.
  • I didn’t. You need both NFC Tools Pro and NFC Tasks app, but you can actually access Tasks through NFC Tools app. What NFC Tasks has is variable storage that you can use.
  • All variables are actually converted as strings, so empty var will be just a space char, like " ".
  • Whitelisting is a feature from NFC Tasks app.


So i finally got around to setting this up :stuck_out_tongue:

I will DM you my address now but so far messing around it seems pretty good.

Cool so i used faucet and got some ETH, i have sent and recieved some checked balace etc and can honestly say it all checks out and works great. the only point i would add is its a PITA to type in an wallet address.


When you go to Receive ETH option not only it shows the address it copies it to clipboard. You can also paste receipents address.