COVID-19 projects

Well, since we’re literally locked down now, I decided to start tinkering on some projects…


That there is a “flexEM” prototype with a T5577 chip… it’s about 19mm in diameter by 1.25mm thick. It uses a multiple layer antenna, which is why it’s so thick. This is definitely not flexible by any means and cannot be installed with any sort of needle procedure, but it exists now… if there is interest I may do a small batch run in April.

There are some other things on the bench at the moment but this little experiment turned out better than I thought it would so I figured I’d share.


Yes! Well depending on price

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What kinda read range would we bee expecting with that multi-layer antenna?
Also, how is the writing using a standard proxmark or other tools? any issues?

If the range is any better than the standard xEM than please count me in for that April program. Is there a place where I could sign up? Can I be a beta tester?



Depends of course on the reader antenna but … better.

Not sure really, but honestly I don’t see any reason it would have any issues. It will obviously get better performance with the proxmark3 using the standard antennas (not the ProxLF antenna).

No not really… I will put up a pre-sale page soon with limited qty. I will post an announcement to the product announcement category;


Not sure I have a use for a flexEM but I will keep a eye out for other things you are cooking up

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I love it when you have time to tinker…I guess it is too late to suggest a 9x38 Flex style (equivalent to 19mm diameter) or does the double layer antenna ruin that idea

Wow that looks about 3-4 times the read range…about 50-60mm? on that particular reader

That’s all I read… now just waiting for the FURTHER sharing
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Thank you for all the info. I’ll be making an order when you make flexEM available.

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I’ll never get my NExT lol

hahah no we are expecting the shipment from the factory to us this week. The chips are programmed and in syringes and sterilized, we just need to get them through customs, tested, and kitted before shipping to customers. Sorry for the delay!


It’s okay lol I know. I’m just trying to spend as much time on this thread and Reddit to try and keep my interests high haha
It will happen it’s just one of those thing where I just want to get the needle part over with lol


Can I pay in instalments :rofl: or even an arm or a left :rofl:

Is that a challenge? I bet you could get it in there with two 00g needles. In all honesty though would you be willing to make a video of the install process? Not like a tutorial, but something where we could see what were getting into.

Are you still going to be able to ship while on lockdown then?

The extra delay just means more time for me to second guess (and triple guess, and quadruple guess) my decisions about where to install things when they get here. I can be *gulp* patient…


Good luck with your patience.

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Hahah well it wasn’t meant as a challenge, but basically you will need to make a 20mm wide incision to fit this thing so it’s likely going to be a scalpel with dermal elevator work and sutures to close. Not an easy install.

As far as I know, deliveries are still being made, so as long as DHL and FedEx are still operating, we will be getting the goods and ship out orders soon.


New stuff is cool. Are you mostly looking at different forms, or are you experimenting with the chips / tech?

Any chance you’re taking requests?
Can you be bribed?
<1 million?

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Seems like all the places around here are trying to make the UPS / Fedex driver go through a waiver process every time they show up. Just a few minutes, but when you make hundreds of stops, it kills time so hard.

Plus, the added “stay at home and order stuff”.
Delays may happen.

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For me, mostly it’s tinkering with various things… some of which are chemicals and resins, and other things are antenna shapes and other various ideas… I also have a different kind of chip here I’ve been wanting to dive into but haven’t had time or desk space… but soon I will. We are actually in the middle of moving house and I have built out a larger workbench at the new place so I should be able to be a bit more organized and get more done faster… only my moving help is no longer helping people move due to the virus, so the move is happening slowly and will be taking up a majority of my attention until well into April. I just got this little flexEM experiment done before ripping apart my lab completely, so experimenting is on hold for a little while as I get all this stuff set up in the new place.

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hah like what?

Like… the places the driver is delivering to? What for? Are the local shops wanting to be sure the driver doesn’t come back at them if they get sick or something? That seems… pretty fricken lame actually.

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