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So. Very. Tempted.

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I got to thinking about it, and the more I thought of that needle, the more I realized I was likely to push it off. Also, you needed another place for your wiki.
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Don’t start with the xLed


I have a forearm section :stuck_out_tongue: but I dont think there where any example images of that exact spot so ty in advance for you contributions once it is healed enough to take the band aid off :grin:

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But again that has been my thought process all along… Idea raised… subtle hints dropped throughout the forum… Blatant suggestions… nagging and the hope it would get community buy in…and would you look at what is happening now!!! In fairness Amal probably had the same idea well before me, but is probably so low down on the priority list, if it even made it to the list


I will put a clear tegaderm on it at work anyways. Can send a pic in a bit.

Ima let you finish, but I prefer the idea @leumas95 had with the changeable RGB chip.

And rightly so, I hadn’t even considered that, I was happy with a static colour for each frequency ( and still would be)
If you could have an RGB LED that is configurable ( I assume via NFC??? ) then yeah, why not? Sounds a lot more complex, but I could see people liking that.

Would it be one RGB configured to light independently to either HF / LF? or an RGB for each? Could you configure the LF RGB also via NFC ( Or however you propose to communicate with it )

I would still prefer to get the static colour version myself, but would be interested in how the RGB one would / could work


In regards to complexity, most RGB led’s (at least the ones I have worked with) are actuly 3 LEDs (4 for RGBW) that get pulsed on and of in turn. That combined with the need to store config that effects the led would almost certainly require a custom chip.

When I was thinking about it originally (for my tattoo project) I was not thinking dual frequency but if it did yeah, communication protocol but coils for power might work (especially if it is a custom chip)?

it’s logically simple… but there are differences… with the heat from glass sealing you can’t put an LED at the end being sealed or it will melt. with chips you can put them on the other end or the middle and it doesn’t matter… but with a dual LED you want one LED at each end really… and this becomes an issue with magnetic rod and insert design… it’s a pain also to try to get engineers to work with assemblers when they aren’t side by side… it’s just… there are issues and we have other things to focus on.


A bi-color led might solve the issue of inserting 2 LEDs. One housing 3 leads.

I drew on one of the pictures. It is at a funny angle. Not sure if it was from the insertion and the way my wife was pinching me, or if it is just gonna roll around my arm. Either way is fine.

Would like to say that getting over the bevel of the needle was tough, and if it went sideways a bit, I think it was there.


I’ve worked in and around manufacting pretty much my whole adult life, and I just gotta say.
True, dat.


Your in! Much like your implant :stuck_out_tongue: ba dum tss

But yeah, wiki updated.

Would love to see it lit up some time in the future!


Hearing you loud and clear, “Shut Up and let me focus on what is actually happening, not on what may or may not even happen” :wink:
Thanks for jumping in on the conversation though, One final question about keeping LED away from the end, and needing LEDs at the end, unless there is a technical reason for this to be the case, Personally, I don’t see the issue if they both light up from the “middle” or just one end? @leumas95 suggestion is good or what about something like this?

Why the rubber ducks to represent LEDs?.. Why not?


Me too! I can make it dimly flash with my phone, so I will have to work someway out to light it up with a bit more power, and once the inflammation goes down.

I will also get you a better picture so people can put it into perspective on my arm.


Time is relative, but as of 8 seconds ago it’s April where I am. Can we talk about getting a small batch run together of the “flexEM” prototypes? I’ll buy, and you know I’ll provide good documentation on the performance.
:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Haha, have you been waiting for 2 week just for that “joke”

Well played sir… However did you consider the ACTUAL DATE?
Maybe the Joke is on You!



wow @Pilgrimsmaster congrats and good luck!

This quoting feature is rather easy to mess with, if you did not realize the above was fake it is


When are you gonna get yours done?? Lol