Examples that your chip can do

Tell us your chip model and tasks.
We can learn about your examples!

I have a xNT in L0 with Popl a handy contact sharing mechanism
Spark 2 in L3 which is pretty self explanatory.
NExT in R0 with this for the LF. and this on the HF side.
an xG3 in knifes edge that really onlly works for lifting.
Soon™ I’ll have a flexEM in the bottom right corner of my hand for this. and still my keyfob.

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Next month you will be like terminator cyborg, bro!

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Couple of my projects.

Using implant with factory keyless open and start

Success! PN532 is not easy to work with!

Also open my garage with my xEM and my front door (when it works) with my xNT.

Waiting for the vivokey so I can get my 2FA keys off the Fidesmo card I carry around.

I use the Spark (1) for logging into this site.


i have the NExT for a week now, installed in L0 area.
Currently using the LF for opening my garagedoor. next up is the backdoor of my house.

HF side got my emergency info on it. Next up is getting it added to my work environment.