First xg3 - in finger?

Since ~5 years ago im dreaming about a Magnet implanted in my body.

Yesterday i finally ordered one! :slight_smile:

i am reading the Forum since longer, and finally i created an account to get some support.

My plan is to self implant it.

I did some self piercing already so im confident im able to do it.

For the Pain management i bought 0,5% lidocain injection solution because thats the strongest you can order in germany easy and si not restricted.

My plan is to inject 5ML in to he finger, and see if it is enaugh (2 ml is phisically a lot so my finger is going to swell alot :smiley: )

Im planning to implant i on my left handed ring finger on the very end oriented to the outter side.

so i wanted to ask for tipps / suggestions.

i am also wondering how deep under the skin it have to be.

Greetings and have a nice day!

I think someone else did this and it wasn’t the best,

I think we were all watching and worrying it was already rejecting

Finger is probably iffy enough without self install


This One?

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That would be it,

And after a quick re read, I learn the install eventually failed

So I would again recommend an installer over self


has anyone actually had an xg3 fingertip install without any issues? i always figured the thing was way too big for fingers


Especially since he seems to be German-based - hey, we have the best possible laws for installers, so just wait until they open up again and visit a good studio :wink:
They can adjust the pain management (because they might know more about it^^) and will have a better way to install, just because they have one more hand to use than you on a self install :smile:


Second that!

A self piercing is one thing, a self pocketing is far more complex.

On that note, making your finger swell with how much lidocaine you’re putting there will only make the install harder and more prone to rejection.
If you want pain management I reccomend a lidocaine gel instead, like this one from DT.
That would numb you enough without compromising too much the installation.

You should also make sure you know exactly where are your nerves and veins. the biggest risk with needle install is to pinch them. But it’s fairly easy to avoid… if you know where they are! :wink:


I was worried ordering “this one” to Germany, because its not so easy to get medications in the eu/there is a risk. however i probably can buy something similar here.

If the Authorities catch the Mail, i wont receive the xg3 either.

Going i a Studio is not really an option for me right now.

I could ask a Friend to install it.

The Finger seems to be the spot with the most possible complications, but im thinking anyway about it.

Other option would be the “karate punch spot” but finger is way cooler :blush:

I think as long it is deep enough, so it wont come out again and not to close to skin or bone it will be fine :crazy_face:

Anyway im gonna make a Vid, so others can learn from my potential failures :smiley:

Also Ketamine is really easy to get around here, and im thinking about that.

It will bleed more then, but i think its okay.

anyone tryed that?

Thanks for the awesome Support!

Aaaaand why that? Sounds a bit shady… :wink: Or you’re just well below legal age :wink:

Still, it’s the finger - several blood vessels, close to the bone, tons of nerves. How trained are you in the field of bodymods or medicine? Are you aware of cross-contamination and all that stuff?
There are a lot of things to consider when doing a self-/assisted install - and especially since studios in Germany are more than willing to help, I just wouldn’t see a good reason to risk that :woman_shrugging:

It has to be prescribed in Germany, unless you’re getting it from a drug dealer. Considering the possible side-effects, I don’t think it’s a good idea…

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No, im 22 years old.

The Studios are closed probably until spring or summer…

I can’t wait hat long.

I am not trained at all. i would just do it and see what happens.
i know how to work sterile and I am not worried about nerve damage in the fingertip.

It has become widely spread on the black market, and cheap as hell.

Don’t you make me nervous… I’m planning tons of things and I don’t want to wait that long… but okay, I get your point :wink:

Okay… my personal humble opinion is still that this might not be a good idea, but people have done stupid stuff all the time and got away with it, so, might work fine. Might as well get really bad. Depends on what risks you are willing to take (thinking about long-term things, like nerve damage, sepsis, all this “serious” stuff - a rejection would be a minor annoyance, but “just see what happens” can lead to serious trouble as well).

I know that… let me put it that way, I would keep away from possibly mind-altering substances while trying to poke a giant needle into my finger. Or a scalpel, or anything else. If you have to keep up a sterile field and an as-sterile-as-possible environment while working on a bodymod with just one hand (because the other hand is being worked on…), you might need all of your senses.
That’s all just my opinion - if you feel like you want to do it, handle all the risks and such, go for it :wink:


Your indifference to what people are telling you is disturbing. But it’s your body, you get to live with the consequences.


Well, after that we are always smarter :slight_smile:

as i said nerve damages are not that big of a deal to me.

An infection would suck but i think i can work as sterile as they would in a studio.

No, you definitely won’t. Believe me.

Do you really know what that means? I’m not talking about losing some of the haptics there, it might as well lead to permanent pain. Nerve damage can be the most serious long-term pain one could experience…

Honestly, those two sentences make me think that you are not really well informed at all, and that you should seriously think that through again. Don’t mean to sound harsh, but… hell…


This. I’ve never experienced or researched on the topic but from what I’ve heard here and knowing that there is that chance, is one of the reasons I’m planning to make a 3hr trip (one way) across the border to go to a dt partner that actually has experience with finger magnets for my titan.
(assuming covid doesn’t destroy that plan… Still waiting for a response on the friends dad’s surgeon friend option)


Just want to start this off by saying I am a fan of DIY install, and that is what I am leaning on to do for my titans. I did consider the xg3 in my fingertip at one point like you. I also have huge hands and can just barely palm a basketball, but I can.

Know any who work in the medical field doing anything remotely close?

Hey! I personally say go for it, as I am an advocate for bodily autonomy. As long as you know the risk, and have accepted it might reject, I don’t see why not. If it works and stays, then you did it! If it fails, you go to a doctor and get some antibiotics and a stern talking to. Or your finger falls off.

I am not here to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do to yourself, and none of this is medical advice as I can’t give any.

I will say this is a terrible mindset. Why not do some risk mitigation? Train yourself. Read about the layers of skin, sterile techniques, and how to recognize rejection early.

Which is it?


Hey, same here - but I can’t advocate doing plain stupid stuff as long as there are alternatives.
I’m fine with people doing self-installs, in general. But to do so without having any clue about it? It is totally possible to do this in a safe and sane way - but not if an amateur thinks he can work as sterile as a pro. This shows some significant lack of self-reflection or a massive underestimating of sterility and what has to be done for it.
As well as taking drugs before a self install… yeah, it’s all fine, possibly it might work out well, but if not, it has a bad impact on either the bodmod-community or the bodyhacking community. Or both. I just don’t like people taking stupid (!), avoidable risks that could lead to bad publicity or even worse, stricter laws. Especially in Germany… I’m happy we can still get modded here, as opposed to most other countries. People doing silly things might have an impact on that, and that’s why I don’t like it…


If there is anybody with knowledge about the implementation i would love to speak to them (telephone, whatever) so we can share knowledge.

Probably there are some people around north Germany who could help me installing it :slight_smile: im able to drive around some hundred kilometres for it.

Just write Direct Message :slight_smile:

You had several people sharing their knowledge with you here, and most of them were more friendly than me :wink:
But you didn’t really show any interest in the answers you got here - you just said “nah, I’ll be doing it anyways, I’ll be fine”.
I think most of us here have knowledge about the implementation, you even had someone who had “piercer” literally written in his profile show up here (@Eyeux :wink: ) - but you didn’t take anything he or any of us wrote into consideration, seemingly…


I think after reading stuff like you shouldent do it yourself, i got in some kind of Blocking mode.

I had discussions like that before with doing piercings my self.

I am glad, that i get that nice Support, and tipps.

Im definitly not going to do it alone and need to more research about right placement.

All the Piercings i did my self healed perfect, and without any infection.

I know, you cant compare it one by one, because the wound and trauma is way bigger.

So is there anyone that hat an successful installation in the Finger?

If not it sounds kind of stupid to try it @ home haha

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