Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

Unnamed 35x15 mm flex implant, done by the awesome people at . Had a pleasant experience without complications.


Decided to take out my stitches at day 4 last night.

Why? You ask?

I wanted to minimize scarring assuming the sutures had done their job well enough. I was examining the sutures and decided that the cut looked stable enough to at least try. If it started opening at all I could easily stop and use some super glue gel or new skin (I went with New Skin) to close it back up.

Stitches came out with no problem and I decided to use a healthy layering of new skin just to keep it protected and provide a little extra adhesion due to the early removal.

Pic was taken this morning:


I think its not so easy to emulate DESFire, or do you have other informations?

I dont think it will be easy but I think if i write a custom applet and get a dev account on fidesmo to deploy it with, i think i might be able to. that involves a bunch tho so we’ll see if i actually get to it

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Implanted a NExT in my left hand.


I got my xG3 installed yesterday! It’s in P1 on my left hand. Surprisingly this was less uncomfortable than my P0 installs! I can already pick stuff up through the bandage! I’m so excited.


@Az_F @Pilgrimsmaster @enginerd @amal

Here’s the 24-hour point after xG3 install at p1 left. It looks like the entry point is healing well! Though as I flex my hand, it moves up and down in the channel quite a bit. I’ve corralled it into place in approximately the middle of this area, but I wanted to see where people’s p1 installs generally end up. It feels so weird sliding up and down! LOL



Haha look fun!
I personally would move it as far as possible towards the fingers. There’s more space for it to rest there and it’s better protected.
Congrats on the install :mechanical_arm:
[Edit] not too close to the entry point of course but like 5mm from it

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Says it cannot be rendered due to codec… im using chrome tho

Infinite loading on Firefox. Probably HEVC.

Works on Brave

Just incase its any different for you

It’ll probably end up where it “wants” anyway, but keep coralling, and smashing back the prenatals and Jelly (Jell-O :us:)

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My browser of choice is Vivaldi. It’s Chromium, but way faster for everything that I do.

wow yeah… taping it in place until it encapsulates is a good idea

How has that location worked for you? Do you mostly scan with phone or desktop? Anything you would have done differently with the location and/or install in hindsight?

@GrimEcho The location is perfect, I couldn’t think of a better one and wouldn’t change it if I could. And I’m not just saying that, genuinely glad I ended up switching my plan from forearm to P3.

I scan a lot with both desktop and my phone and it’s been great with different orientations on different phones and readers. My installer did a perfect job (their first flex ever as well), I would just make sure they don’t try to enter from the knuckle side to make healing easier.

I was a little skeptical of back of hand just because there is a lot going on with blood vessels, tendons, and bones, but it’s been really great, zero problems, complaints, discomfort, or inconveniences.

I’d highly recommend it.

About 6 months photo:


Decided to upload a video of my whole process for my own documentation and perhaps for the benefit of others. Can’t say that I am by any means a professional or that you should do what I did, but maybe someone will get some use out of a video of my self install.

If anyone knows if there is somwwhere else appropriate I should share this, let me know.


Nice job documenting it. There is a dedicated thread for install videos and such here:

Also welcome to the club :grin: