Integrating implants with cryptocurrency?

Good afternoon, everyone,

Do you guys have any idea how to integrate cryptocurrency payment with implants here in dangerousthings. I got XSIID is it possible? I can store BTC address and let them send me some BTC and launch crypto apps with it. But with payment is it possible? I know about WALLETMOR payment capabilities, but I don’t have it currently. Any other implants that could work with cryptocurrency payment too? Also, schematics and blueprints on how this technology would work so I can better understand it! Thank you all!

do you mean something like this?

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Yes, at this moment just use Apex. I use it to store my ETH private key and it works perfect. The Status mobile app does everything what you would need. Also it can’t work with Monero or Polkadot unfortunately, what’s why I asked @amal about an applet what can store files, because if there will be one, I’ll write an opensource app what encrypt a file with a simetryc pgp key and upload it to the implant(openkeychain + something like desfire need, but in 2in1).

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