Last minute questions/double check, installer appointment made

Yeah… I know that there are a whole lot of countries where people are oppressed in a really terrible way, and that can’t (and shouldn’t) be compared to the problems I address here. But even in those countries, change happens - slowly, but steadily, if enough people (in those countries, not from the outside) raise their voices. It’s a long process, but it is possible - or, like discussed in another thread, people decide to live somewhere else.
My point is, if nobody says something against “social standards”, they remain in use. Even if they are outdated or discriminating or plain stupid (like not being allowed to go barefoot). And since I’m in the lucky position of not being discriminated because of my skin colour, my sexuality or whatever (at least not where I live), I try to find a way to say something against that stupid social standard that affects me - anything else would be hypocritical.

Hey, it’s just as subjective as people who don’t want me to split my tongue (don’t actually plan to do that, but still^^) or get my skin cut because they think I’ve got psychological problems :wink: It’s all just prejudices and aesthetics, and both is very subjective (at least I think so).

Damn this thread took a turn lol

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Haha, yep, they tend to do that.
I would have split it off, but I think your initial question was answered!?
Did you need any more info for your last minute questions?
whens the big day?
If you want the above diversions split out let me know and I’ll shift them to another more suitable thread! I might just do it anyway when I’m back at a PC…

Nah it’s fine just amusing

Next Saturday at 2pm
I might work at 4 so that might be interesting

I’m only hesitant about position 4 and making sure it’s not too close to the bone, guy seems reputable and says he’s done a couple magnets and chips in that location but still

Also guy is asking if I’ll want to plan to take a break between stabs

I don’t think so but I haven’t been stabbed before…
(Unless we are talking high velocity objects)

I’d decide that spontaneus - usually, and just from my experience, it’s better not to take a break. Adrenaline and endorphines and all that stuff float through your body in that moment, and it’s better to get everything done before this gets less. Additionally, giving your brain time to think about what might come next (especially if you already know it might hurt a little, because you’ve got the first on in) usually leads to the following stabs being more painful.
One situation when it might be good to take a break is if your circulation goes down - then, of course, take a break, lay down, drink some water and such.

Done that with piercings and tattoos before, and it’s a not-so-good-thing, honestly (yep, and I still do it… stupid me :smile: )^^ One thing, due to adrenaline going down, I tend to be a little tired about 1-2 hours after the appointment, and, more important, you should try to keep the affected area calm and ideally raised to keep down the swelling. Dunno what you do at work though, maybe that’s even possible :wink:

Just something else to think / be aware about
Vasovagal Syncope

Personally, I have never experienced anything like this, but it does and can happen.
There are a couple of good examples in the forum, let me find you a couple of links…

Here’s a good one, and Amal includes another couple of links to follow

and another example of interest


Like my modder says - always have a good breakfast before an appointment :wink:

D day is tomorrow,
What level pain should I expect again?
I was under the impression of a 3/10 but someone was talking about red hot metal, but that was a Facebook, so maybe he was just talking it up

Back and forth of ibuprofen before, blood thinner effect stuff negatively?

@amal I know there were other threads, but which was is the xSIID in the needle again?
XSIID is going in position 0, and hoping for led to be closer to wrist ( so that it’s more visible with iPhone scans from other people )

Pain is different for everyone, i try to say it feels no worse than drawing blood with a needle.

I agree wholeheartedly with this, I try to give Plasma as often as I can, and it barely even registers. Though the needle gauge is only 16 or 17 for that.

Don’t worry about it, you will just feel a little prick :wink:

It’s not that bad at all bee stings are worse. Just a little sharp pain and done. it’s not even that sore after. and the position your getting it in was the least painful for me im up to five now. Six once I get the replacement for my xM1. The most painful for me (and even that was not bad ) was the top of my wrists. All the ones in my hands have been a cakewalk.

For me personally, there was no actual “pain”. I could feel the needle cutting into my skin but it didn’t actually hurt. I do think the forceps that I used to tent my skin numbed things though because they were really tight.

they were all supposed to be “LED comes out first” but 1) most are the other way, LED comes out last, and 2) not all of them are this way. Super irritated with our factory about this. Future batches we will try to fix this.

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Hey. Me too. Mine came out “doesn’t light up” end first. I was counting on it being right up close to in-between the knuckles. No hard feelings though.

Edit: Well, when it gets used it is covered, it makes no difference in the end after thinking about it.

Any way to verify?

It should be easy to put the syringe in an EM field strong enough to reach through the syringe: if the LED shines through the syringe cap, it’s bevel side.

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It’s actually quite difficult to do this at high frequencies… 125khz is possible yes… even easy… but 13.56mhz is very difficult because of the skin effect induced into the metal our the needle. I would love to see it though.

Surely if the field is strong enough :slight_smile: There has to be some of the signal reaching the coil.

Yes but by then you’ve down out the modulation and can’t get any data over the field

But. It might still work to light the led