Magnet questions - Best magnet for sensing, and best location?

I’ve read that the titan was best for sensing EMF, but a bit less good for static fields, is that true ? Also, how would implanting it in a finger go, for a rock climber ? I’d like to get one around my middle finger’s metacarp, but I don’t want it to hurt when I put pressure on my fingers when climbing.

Alternatively, how sensitive is the hand’s blade, compared to that place ?

We’ve seen of strength comparisons between v1 and v2, but I didn’t see any for the titan, how strong is it ? Is it really good for sensing ?

Heya there, I’m planning to get a xG3v1, but I have average/small sized hands, and the implant is pretty big. Where would you suggest putting it ? I’m thinking back of my hand, that way it won’t mess with stuff near my fingers, but I don’t know how sensitivity I’d get back there.

I don’t have a magnet myself, but you might get some ideas from this thread

I just combined your 3 threads into one.
Hopefully it is easier for your questions to be answered and for you to keep track of them…


we had already a nice conversation via DM but i have something to add :slight_smile:

The thing is:

For good reliable sensing you most likely want a Fingertip magnet.

From Dagerousthings there is only one Magnet that is suited for Fingertip Implantation - The Titan

So the Titan is the best option for sensing since it can be implanted in the Fingertip

One other location where people got sensing capabilities was -p0

-p0 (click me)


Implant positions (click me)

Implant Sutra - An index of implant positions that have been discussed and/or tried

So if installing a Magnet in your Finger is not an option right now that could work, people have installed Xg3s and Titans there.

I dont think we have anyone who has both of them installed in -p0 so we have no comparisons between them :confused: .


If anyone wants to give me a Titan and a Xg3 V1 i can implant each in -p0 of one hand and compare them :wink:

Since you do rock climbing i would suggest the Titan since its indestructible and smaller so i think there will be no to minimal issues with climbing (in position -p0)

Xg3 will probably also be fine but whatever happens you wont be able to destroy the titan^

And if you are not satisfied you can always get a second one in a new position :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s pretty useful, thanks ! So, you think p0 is more sensitive than p5 ? I thought it would have been the opposite :thinking:

But i talk about Minus p0

so the palm side of the hand - there should be more nerve ends :wink:

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Oh, I missed the minus, alright ! So, palm > blade ? Seems pretty good, plus it sounds like it wouldn’t be really subject to crushing forces there, since it’s in a pretty meaty place, right ?

As someone who had a Titan installed in the blade of the hand, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s a very muted sensation that you have to be concentrating to notice (and if you have hairy hands, be aware that you’ll probably need to shave the area near it to avoid distractions).

I went with that position because climbing rules out fingertips (imo) and paddling crosses off p0-.


Basically, dont.

I did it and have zero sensing from it. I’ll eventually have mine pulled and relocated.


I have a titan in my right ring fingertip and have tried rock climbing once when an indoor place near me had a free day and I had no issues but then again I wasn’t doing anything advanced.

I’ll be taking a rock climbing course this next semester so we’ll see how that goes…

Did you get crimpy? 'Cause sharp crimps are the (main) reason I shy’d away.

cough cough book cough :grin:

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inappropriately touching your microwave. … Muahahaha!!!

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Paddling crosses off -p0 ? Isn’t the area meaty enough to prevent that ?

I can only speak for myself, but I noticed when kayaking the paddle tends to roll across that position. After some hours I feel it would be quite unpleasant. Maybe not so much with paddling gloves?

I have all three in different fingers.
Contrary to what’s out there, for me, my xg3v2 is by far the most responsive to sensing things.

I haven’t really used that grip so I can’t say how that will go yet but now that I’ve learned of it since I’m slightly nervous. We’ll see how it goes