Microchiped or frequencies, mindreading, 24/7 followed or watched

correction …you are not aware of

This site is very interesting! I just read about magnetic implants and it sounds like what i have. Exactly. All with vibrations to magnetic fields ive experienced. Yes magnet use is very annoying as ive felt the vibrations on different parts of my body. I am sure that i get doubted but i wanted to know what was going on with me…i was not told nor was i informed of this at all.,but whats more different is using a cell phone for gps or whatever you can think of that ive not mentioned? i can be near my cell phone and be a inch or two from it and feel the vibrations. first its a trickle then more vibrating then my hand starts to go numb.

First of all, do the blind test @amal suggested. If you do not trust a medical specialist, ask a friend to blindfold you ^^
As for the magnet, running either a neodymium or metal detector over your skin should tell you the answer.
The bioscience of it doesn’t check out, and there would be little reason for simply implanting metals in people for the sake of it, it’s just not reasonable.
There are unverified cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, with unspecific symptoms like the ones you mentioned; however speculations aim at nocebo-related causes. Also, numbing sensations anywhere in the body is a red flag warning sign to get yourself checked out.
As for medical advice, have a word with your physician, and anything abnormal in terms of psychosomatic functions should come up, as well as percepted electromagnetic interference.

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I would suggest you see a neurologist. You may actually be feeling these symptoms, but there could be a more mundane expansion for them, rather than thinking it’s an implant, it could be some sort of nervous system issue. I would start with something more likely than what you are suggesting and work from that point forward.

I’m not saying you aren’t feeling what you are describing, or even that you’re wrong in your thinking, I’m just suggesting you start with the most likely candidates before you look at something like this.

Neurological conditions can cause all sorts of weird sensations, including what you are describing, and you may be able to find relief.

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Iron, I appreciate your response and I have seen a neurologist. I also work in the medical field. I’m just not in the forensic field. I have applied the plexiglass and cell phone to test and I was also blindfolded, it did not matter. Yes the plexiglass kept the tingles and vibrations off my hand but when the plexiglass was removed, I felt the sensations. Electomagnetic ?..ive also felt where on my hand I feel something inside trying to push out. I have been through the mill and back as ive stated earlier on the first post. THe balls of my feet do the same …something trying to push out from underneath my skin. Its odd to me but I feel it. Short of everything else, I would like to cut it out of my own body. that’s how annoying it is. There was something done to the inside of my home also, I thought I had honest friends…Personally I think that whatever is happening is just for torment.

Hmm… I think we’ve failed here. We tried to tell you that the problem is with your brain. Nobody gives a flying fuck about you enough to play “the torment game” with you. Do you have nuclear codes? Control vast financial markets? Rule over a country with huge reserves of natural resources? … no? Then why the hell would anyone bother fucking with you. IT. IS. IN. YOUR. HEAD. Go to a head doctor to get it fixed. If they fail, go to another one. Keep going to doctors until someone can help you.

I just watched this today… seems very relevant to you.

Sorry to be so harsh on you, but you obviously are not listening and I don’t want your mental illness to result in harm to anyone else… which it will if you continue down this path of “I want to cut my body up” and “my friends are spying on me”. You will eventually lose all ability to think any clear thoughts at all, and you will very likely end up hurting people.

You hear me? If you don’t get help now, YOU WILL END UP HURTING INNOCENT PEOPLE. You will become a danger to society. Think about that while you still can, and go GET HELP.

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Person asking for help, They don’t listen, because they don’t want to hear/accept the answer because their mental illness is preventing them to do so.

Just doing some tidy up, So, unfortunately, bumped this to the top from 3 years ago.
I weighed up leaving it out in the wild or putting it where it belongs.
Just treat it like the others


Amal i have some things to talk to you about people are trying to kill me for a device

The only comment needed.


I’d call the police if people were trying to kill me, not post to a web forum… Read the links @Devilclarke posted.

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I am doing something about this problem they tried to kill us all when they did this to us ive kicked the shit out of over 100 of these people that think there invesable

Go to a doctor and tell them what you are telling us.

No point they try sticking you in a mental hospital

Like f!!! Im living there im mad about what this chips and people do with them to people that dont know this little gang they have bunch of god dam pussys

We feel for you and your situation, but this website is for RFID implant enthusiasts and we can’t help you out with your particular situation. There may be other websites and forums where you can get the help you need, but here at DT we will always recommend seeking professional, medical help.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of speaking to someone who won’t immediately write you off as unstable but will listen to you and work with you. Keep seeking help - you will find it. Please be safe, but we cannot help you here.


This is exactly why mental illness is dangerous and needs proper treatment.

They used to try kill me stock me rob me try make me sign over my assets get me to do stuped shit they im deff in one ear there are too many people on here now we have conversations with 1 or 2 of them the rest are fucking cocksuckers to me say there killing my family they sound just like my who family but i know there not i know everything about these devices ill cut this thing out if someoue does not help me

Again, buddy … we want you to be safe but this isn’t the right place to get the help you need. If you’re in Ontario try contacting CAMH, ConnexOntario or call 211.

Don’t hurt yourself or try to cut anything out on your own. Reach out to the right people. Unfortunately we cannot help you here.

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Its been nine years since this happend to me thanks for the help wish the where more like u in this world

Mindreading hacking seeing things thinking with other people stalking networks sociopaths did this to me all for my assets i am on the right site