Mini Wedge Reader?

Hey all, I’ve got a DT wedge reader under a couple of desks at home, but I’d really like to use my xNT to auth with my laptops. Does anyone know of a mini USB-C or even USB-A wedge reader? I’m looking for a small form-factor that I can keep plugged in all the time without a dongle if possible.

It sounds like you are looking for something quite particular, so probably best you check out the reviews.

My first guess for you would be something like this / these

But if not
Here are a couple more to get you started


Really? I think our AI is getting glitchy

It forgot to link the
“RFideas wave ID NANO”

(I’m just giving pilgrim a hard time)

It’s exactly what your looking for, just not cheap

Also be extra careful when choosing between the 32 something offerings… I learned the hard way :sweat_smile:

But I love mine

They do have usb c and usb a offerings, as well as vertical and horizontal dongle configurations
And various HF and LF credential specific options
And keyboard emulators or SDK dongles
(Avoid ask, and only do keyboard ones… ask me how I know)

Kinda suprised @amal hasn’t considered putting a few on the site. Or maybe working out a drop shipping option direct from RFideas

Hint hint :wink:


sadly they don’t do dropship and the wholesale price is crap and the MOQ is astronomical.

Not entirely surprised to hear this from my limited dealings with them… oh well