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Well, I had my appointment today. I had my Titan installed and my scarification completed. I am very pleased with the results.


Looks like a very talented artist…

It would be great to see the healing updates also.
either here, (i’m not sure if healing updates were included with what @Coma was wanting in this thread) or another New thread or added to your other

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That is amazing and fantastic looking!
I can’t imagine how cool that’s going to feel texture wise once healed!

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I plan on making a new topic for it when I get back home. I’m still in New York typing this up on my phone.

Brian Decker was the artist. He is completely awesome with 20+ years of scarification.

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I know why - this both looks just great!
Adding scars to a tattoo is a really nice idea, for the texture, the three-dimensional look and the white lines, surrounded by that massive black ink… :star_struck:
Did he use a scalpel or a cauterizer? It looks less bloody than mine, that’s why I’m wondering…
And that incision for the titan looks great as well :wink:

I’m really curious to see your healing process (especially for the scars :wink: ), and I’m totally fine if it lands here - I started this thread to reduce the general forum derail a bit, since it was, at a time, mostly caused by me spreading bodmod-topics everywhere :smile:

He started out with a scalpel marking the outline. He applied some numbing gel that is also meant to help with bleeding and let it set for a bit. Then he used a surgitron cauterizer.

It was an awesome process and not very painful. On a scale of 1 to 10, there were short spikes to maybe 6 when he started on a new area, but over all the majority of the process was pain free.

Brian seemed like a generally awesome guy, and I’m already considering what I’d like to do next.

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That’s very interesting - there are so many ways to create scars, and they vary so wildly between artists. And still, each of them creates a great result (at least as long as the artist is good). For me, that’s one of the fascinating things about scarification - there is no plain “right or wrong” or “best practice”, it all depends on who you work with, how your body reacts to it, and how you care for it afterwards.

Once you’ve found the right guy for your ideas, there is little limit left :wink: I feel really happy for you!

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Id share prince albert but I’m sure that’s frowned upon. :rofl:

you have a prince albert implant?

I wouldn’t call him an implant.

Just driving home from Cologne again, so… guess what I did there :wink:


Arnulf did amazing work again, I think, and the procedure was just wonderful :heart_eyes: :heart:


That looks amazing!!

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Had my ampallang done yesterday at 3.2mm and my bed looked like a crime scene this morning :drop_of_blood: Worth it though :smiley:


Heh, yeah - nightly erections may lead to trouble if it’s still that fresh :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeeeeep. Hoping for some better sleep tonight haha.
Your arm looks awesome! I’m far too scared to have my skin cut away like that haha

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Thanks :wink:
I was very afraid of it for quite some time as well, but I finally found an artist whom I trust enough for that. The pain is interesting, though - the beginning was hard, especially the stuff on the wrist, but after some time the endorphines kicked in… after that, it was just fun and wonderful :slight_smile:


This looks fkin scary you crazy.
I like it. I hope it scars nicely :crossed_fingers:


Shit that’s hot.

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Thanks :wink:
I totally love it, first night was okay (though the wrap makes those annoying rustling noises when I move around :smile: ), first cleaning was surprisingly okay as well.
I’m really curious to see how the scars develop - that’s always a bit of a surprise. I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna be all even, but I like that somehow… that’s just what my body makes of it :slight_smile:

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Am I seeing crooked or the power button doesn’t seem to line up quite as perfectly as it could?