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sorry for bothering all of you. but i have a question. i have not injected myself yet for fear/cant find a body shop in des Moines, IA, should i do it myself? or just take it apart and put it into a ring? also i haven’t opened the bag so in the meantime i been trying to read the next chip using “Dangerous KBR1 Keyboard Wedge Reader” but so far the programs suggested on the forums haven’t worked on windows 8? is it impossible to read it throw all the packaging or just the wrongs program.
If so just ring it and suggested program?

No. If you really want a ring, I would just buy one and sell the implants.

this is plug and play. You likely cannot scan your chip when it is in the needle

I don’t know you enough to say go for it. There are tons of resources on here, I can link to them in a bit when I get home… Do you have any medical friends that could do it?

At the end of the day, I would say no to using an implant as a ring, and to learn how to self install if you are unable to get assistance in it.

Edit to add the search I did.


righty right. thank you. for me it was a fear of doing it myself, if i mess up and if the chip/reader wasn’t working makeing me second guess myself.
kinda… everyone i know has some medical knowledge but only on one field/ they deftly will not approve of it.

It is a big needle. It is most def mind over matter. I just made sure I didn’t hit a vein.

Hopefully someone close to you will be able to help.

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I agree with @Backpackingvet , so not really the best idea mate, especially when you can just buy a ring off the shelf, and the price difference.

What sort of searches have you done for installers?
have you approached some body piercers? (better in person than ever the phone)
You could also try a medical professional that you don’t know, if the ones you do won’t help… but if you don’t ask them, you don’t REALLY know what they will say.
Just make sure you have the knowledge to answer their questions and a valid argument as to why you want it installed.
Worse case, you could guilt trip them :wink:
“I came to you because I thought you were open minded”
“I came to you because I am going to do it regardless, but thought it better / safer to have a medical professional like yourself to make sure I don’t stuff it up; here is some installation information you might want to read through (hand them preprinted install guide)”
if you have no luck there, you could also go to a veterinarian, as funny as it sounds, it is totally valid and viable approach.
Same approach technique as a piercer, but just explain how it is EXACTLY LIKE a pet ID chip and show them the needle, they will be very familiar and hopefully comfortable.
You could even offer it to them as a training opportunity, let a trainee vet do it, easier to see and feel what is happening without fur in the way. (legality and stuff may get in the way, maybe put together a pre-signed waiver to present to them (only if they bring it up first))

if all of those fail

Find somebody to assist if you can.
Much easier than on your own.
Get them to Watch the videos, read the materials.

Many people have done self installs successfully, but it really should be your last resort…
These should help

I hope that helps, let us know if you need more links to references

keep your thread upto date with your journey

good luck

Any more questions, just sing out