Resonant Repeater Stickers

Well fuck that didn’t work as expected at all. Guess I’ll have to waste another $170 and two weeks on another revision


This is my diy -not a sticker- nfc extender similar to the repeaters discussed here but much simpler and probably less efficient. Unless you have some tiny capacitors and magnet wire handy I wouldn’t bother. The gain was significant for me but you might as well wait for the stickers instead of making it yourself with no guarantees.

The other is a chinese usb-c wireless charging adaptor thingy which I made permanent by stripping as much thickness and sticking it iside the phone’s casing.

so since I have some magnet wire and capacitors on hand, if I wanted to make a repeater sticker that would couple better with an x series and I could stick on the back of my phone, would I want to make one in the same circular shape but smaller or maybe in an ovular shape? since the gauge of my wire is fairly small I could do a cylindrical one around some empty wire coating but im not sure that would help much unless it was physically wrapped around the x series

I would go for a flat 2-3cm wide circle. You are going to have to know the properties of your wire to determine the number of turns based on the diameter and then try maych that with an appropriate capacitor.

Okay so using this and an inductance calculator, since I have 22pf capacitors, and 0.0034" diameter wire, I’m gonna be looking at around 283.7cm of wire or close to ten feet, if I get a larger diameter wire I could do a smaller length but I don’t have that on hand so we’ll see how clunky it actually gets :+1:

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Yes, that sound about right. As long as it fits in a phone case :joy: