RFID chip removal

I need a 7mm I’d chip from my forehead removed and a xem in the left hand and a vivo key in the right. Can some in california get ahold of me to help me get it removed you can DM me, I’m willing to come to you and pay to get them removed thanks.

Sharing a phone number publicly is probably not the best idea


What is the reason for the removal?

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Better question is what the chip in your forehead exactly is? Who had installed it?

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He started a thread about the forehead implant a while back:

I suspect that the forehead one might be causing problems because of the proximity to the skull?

Try contacting your installer and asking about removal.


I thought this was going to be a thread that belonged to the 24/7 mindreading thread. Aparrently not haha.

Out of curriosity, what is the motivation behind removing them all? I can understands the one in the forehead. but the xEM can still be pretty handy.

based on the other thread a walletmor might not be to fun on your horehead (coming from someone that is on there second one) Yes you could get it to work but how will you pay if the scanner is on the right side? or what about when the scanner is underneath or surrounded by other items?

In anycase removal of a xsiid shouldnt be to much of problem.


There’s still time


I doubt that someone would get an implant and then go crazy but you never know…

Naw I installed the one in the forehead just a small I’d. But just because free of mobility.