The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Windows OS?


If you’ve got discord, I can pop on there so as not to pollute the derailment thread with my troubleshoot request

Do have but couch surfing eyeballing kiddos the rest of the night. Could do later… maybe 4 hours from now or so?

Fair lol
I’ll be here poking at it until otherwise stated lol

I added / updated that on my nomination for your best post post

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Make sure WoL is enable in both your BIOS (if there is an option for it) and on your adapter properties in device manager. If there is no option for it in device manager, it’s possible that the adapter doesn’t support WoL. I’ve had a cheaper MoBo that didn’t have it before.

Did that

Are you using the MoBos NIC or an external NIC?
Which MoBo/NIC?

Realtec Ethernet

On battery or AC? Most laptops will not WoL on battery.

Plugged in

Is deep sleep disabled?

Couple of things:

  1. What state are you trying to wake from? Completely powered off or sleep? It may be that your machine only supports WoL from sleep and not a powered off state.

  2. Sometimes disabling fast start can make WoL work as well. Check this and maybe disable it if it’s enabled and enable if disabled.

Sleep is a dumpster fire in general because of windows and modern sleep

In general at the moment, in order to get “power management tab” to appear in the device I have to edit something in the registry which removes sleep entirely

(I just flipped back)

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Already disabled

Powered off is my goal


If your laptop doesn’t have LEDs, check router side for link up status

We’re talking on Discord and apparently both his laptop NIC and switch lack link lights… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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DT, the only company that understands the need for blinkies.