The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

At first I thought it was for the vaccination records…

I like the design of that thing, but so far no one has asked me for my vaccination records in my country. The system in the US is probably better built, some people who got vaccinated in other countries have been unable to get their records in my country’s covid vaccine tracking thing… This means that the “scientifically correct” data that’s being used to plan things is incomplete and everything is a mess, again… :man_facepalming:t2:

There are also some people around here who decided to take all of the available vaccines, some are on their sixth shot or so… I don’t expect this to be a problem for these people but I’m hesitant to get more shots than needed.

@Pilgrimsmaster how’s 2022 looking so far?

I worry about
movie announcer voice
2020 - 2, the twenty strikes back



Did this survey. It wasn’t great (none of them are) but it was actually pretty interesting


A Beautiful sunny day.
Not a single cloud in the sky.

Here’s some future sky from 2022 (sun :sun_with_face: included for scale :straight_ruler: )

Waiting to close off the poll in 2.5 hrs @1159 GMT, and give somebody or somebodies :wink: a shiny new badge (it was a tie last I looked)

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Something tells me we are in different parts of the multiverse

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1159 GMT glad we can agree GMT is the best timezone. TBF it’s UTC because we still fucking observe DST


Yes, and a 10 hour day. Agreed

I think I may be in the minority, but I actually like DST

Mine has the temperature :thermometer: at about 24⁰C
:man_shrugging: 70 something in freedom units

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Oh dang we actually are about the same then :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: except the rain will be here in the future (and it’ll still be 20C)
My screenshot was metric though of course

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And that was:

  • The way it should be
  • Appreciated

My humidity only ~57%
and rain 1%


Is it summer there?
It’s meant to be winter here but well yeah we’ve been in the low 20s for weeks in the Southern U.S.
Looking at 40+/kmh winds, storms out the ass and probably tornados out the ass

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I still can’t wrap my head around that

Like I understand the physical orientation of the earth and stuff

But I spent most of my life not realizing that it meant Southern Hemisphere would have different seasons…

Still feels so weird to be cold in June and warm in December

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I’m close to the equator so no seasons for me… How’s that to make things even more complicated.


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That’s short weather.

Although, I ventured out in birkenstocks and shorts earlier. It isn’t too bad.

It was a dusty 30c in my area over christmas.

Down to 0° I’ll wear pajama shorts or gym shorts, t-shirt, flip flops if I’m going outside for less than 10 minutes

Only exception is going into snow, I’ve been barefoot in the snow once or twice, I’m good

I feel like, once you’ve been hypothermic, you understand that it takes long enough to set in that 10 minutes won’t kill you

It’s naked weather imo :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I wasn’t speaking in freedom units
Let’s swap climates because I’d much prefer the cold


Happy Birthday @anon3825968