The xG3 v2 is now available!

The xG3 just got an update! Version 2 of the xG3 is designed specifically for lifting!

The xG3 v1 is axially magnetized to afford the ability to lift but also impart some longitudinal movement to maximize sensing applications. If you want to lift things though, you’ll want the diametrically magnetized version 2!



very nice! I’ll post a photo demonstrating lifting strenth once I get one in me :slight_smile:


:drooling_face: Beautiful.

Do you have as estimate for how much stronger this new version will be for lifting? Somebody else had calculated x12, I heard.

i need to go get some testing paperclips :slight_smile:


I know “range” on the xG3 was like, half a centimeter, do you think the v2 has any “extended” range?

Well now… when you talk about “range”, I assume you mean for sensing applications. The v2 is built for lifting specifically.

Right, haha. I meant range for lifting. Like if you put your magnet less than half a centimeter away from a paper clip, it’ll pull it towards it, right? Obviously a very small distance but something I’ve found cool.

oh! i’ve never heard of such an application of “range” before… but it’s interesting… difficult to give quantitative results though because so many variables… like friction of the surfaces involved… depth of implant in tissue… etc.

Ah, I see. Well only one thing for me to do now; buy the xG3 v2 and get it installed right away!


At that point you start getting into inverse square stuff, not to mention the size and how attractive the stuff you’re trying to lift is I should imagine all go into it.

I might have to get my v1 replaced with the v2 now that I have a Titan for sensing :smiley:

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Will the bundles be expanded to reflect the new product / changed to reflect the slight price drop of the v1 (I know how good of a deal they are anyway :heart:)? Or should new bundles come out, will there be a slight price increase?

I know you’re probably swamped rn, but if there is the option to get a bundle with the v2, even through a custom request then I’m interested (idk where to put them all :cry: but I want it all)

bundles will all be updated to v2 and we reduced the price of v1 again… it’s now $69.99 … and we are planning the next Titan batch now for anyone who’s interested :slight_smile:



will price drop for that too?

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yes, i can say it will be a lower cost than the initial campaign.


Me me me me

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Helllll yeah very cool. Magnets are so neat, I’d like to get one in me soon

Order placed ! <3

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KSEC now has the xG3 V2 in stock and a sale on the V1


I just stuck a botle cap to it through the bandage. It is waaaay stronger then the Xg3 V1!

I Knooooow its not good to do that one day after the installation etc… i couldent resist xD

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